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“Blink” Accessories: All Tied Up!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

We’ve just finished pulling together the Summer edition of our quarterly “Accessories” report and wanted to share some highlights with you. Its a HUGE report stuffed full of great inspiration for all aspects of accessories and there are some really clear themes coming through, criss-crossing all levels of fashion brand.

There are still plenty of studs and fringing. We’re still loving a haberdashery trimmed scarf. Bags go from super shoppers to minuscule and super cute. Necklaces are still neckline hugging and super chunky or sweet, delicate and full of vintage inspired charms. Global is a big direction, looking great in really decorative and embellished shoes and bags. Mixed materials are a really hot trend, adding definition and texture.

The look we have decided to share with you today is a rather sweet one. We do love a pretty bow, and there were plenty of options to choose from. This motif instantly adds a girly appeal, with a retro or refined edge its a commercial winner. Whether a bag, shoe or belt its a really flexible and decorative as well as functional addition.

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New Look





Juicy Couture

Inspiration: twentytwentyone on the Milan Furniture Fair

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Last week we felt as if we had been transported to the Milan Furniture Fair, when in fact we had only made the short journey over to sunny Clerkenwell. “Blink” were lucky enough to have been invited to the opening of twentytwentyone’s “Highlights of Milan” exhibition. Whilst nibbling on premo parmesan and sipping chilled prosecco we perused their choices and daydreamed of living in a vast loft space that we could fill with all of this beautiful furniture.

Once a year the great and good of the design world gather in Milan to present their innovative and visionary new collections. This show is the place to see progressive design, spot new talents and pick up on directional new materials and techniques that will shape interiors for the year ahead. The Salone Milan 2010 certainly seems to have delivered on these expectations as designers defied the restrictions of the recession to present some really exciting and challenging new ideas.

twentytwentyone selected a collection of product that embraces a range of technologies, materials, forms and thought processes. Designs include the ‘make your own’ chair by Enzo Mari, a knitted rug by Patricia Urquiola, a milled timber chair by Sam Hecht and a new sofa family from Jasper Morrison ( a “Blink” design favourite).

The exhibition runs until 29th May at twentytwentyone’s showroom, 18c River Street EC1R 1XN so get yourself along for a design fix. We’ll also promise that you’ll come away green with envy at their fabulously un-London workspace too. We are currently working out how we can convince them to let us move in!

The view into the exhibition at twentytwentyone

'Cruiser' by Marina Bautier for Swedese

'Desiree' by Yngve Ekstrom for Swedese

'Mangas' rug by Patricia Urquiloa on the far left. 'Void' lights by Tom Dixon, hang from the ceiling. 'Chat' sofa by Carlo Colombo for Depadova.

'Spun' chair by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis

'Ten' sofa by Maichael Sodeau for Modus with 'Hang' by Established and Sons

'Store' containers by Established and Sons

Colour: A Neutral Position

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

So far this week we have celebrated some lovely, saturated Summer shades, but here is the flip side. For every yin there must be a yang, light needs shade, and brights need neutrals. Camel and tan shades are big news in accessories this Summer and look to be major news across womenswear for Autumn 2010. To prepare your taste level for the onslaught of these more challenging neutrals ahead, the fashion fairies have prepared you a starter pack with these wonderfully commercial chino and fatigue inspired shades.

Being featured right across the fashion landscape, from high street to high end, its a super commercial and somewhat familiar statement. These look really great in a tonal head to toe statement, layered up working textural variations. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is purely a traditionally casual look this Summer. We really love where this gets slicker and smarter, even incorporating a soft spangle from metallic golden tones. Don’t just do what you did last time this was hot however. This season it takes on a new mood and silhouette. We too are excited about the return of the cargo pant, but this time make it super skinny. If you’re using this palette in jersey, make it super fine. Be inspired by army surplus fatigue jackets and over-sized shirts. Knitwear should be slouchy and textural. Spread the influence into sexy soft wovens and more elegant styling for a really fresh take on this look.

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Soho, central London


All Saints

Inspiration: Summer in a vase

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

I know this is slightly off of our usual subject matter, but we just loved these flowers so much that we had to share them with you. We were passing our friend’s florists, ‘Scarlet and Violet’, the other day when we spotted these amazing ranunculus (our favourite flower). Even though we were a little late for a meeting we just had to stop and grab a bunch. The colour was just incredible and irresistible. It was like a vase full of little chicks or bursts of sunshine. Perfect to try and cheat a summer feeling even though the weather isn’t quite playing along.

Thanks Vic!

Pattern: Go Wild in technicolour!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

So, we posted about the natural variations on this theme last week, but then we were struck by the amount of hyper-colour skin looks that we had in our stash. These are a little punky, a little pop art and a lot of fabulousness. It takes a little more chutzpah to rock these super colourful looks, compared to the naturally neutral variations on the theme, but the impact is worth the effort.

Go wild in the city this Summer with one of these amazing prints worked back with globally inspired jewelery and simple khakis. You’ll look ggggrrrrrreat!

Click here for more on pattern. These prints, and many others, are featured in the June “Print” report. If you’d like to see this and check out the rest of our amazing reports, contact your nearest agent.

Roberto Cavalli

Miss Sixty



Harvey Nichols

Blink interviews: Donna Wilson

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Donna Wilson has been called ‘wonderful with wool’ and a ‘material marvel’. Her distinctive designs have won her an army of dedicated fans around the world and given her the reputation as one of Scotland’s brightest design stars. As well as her collection of lovable knitted creatures, the past seven years have seen Donna produce blankets, cushions, trays, wooden dolls, scarves, socks, tea towels, upholstered furniture, even stationary and books. In fact there isn’t much that Donna hasn’t turned her creative hand to!

Donna is committed to making pieces that will last. From her creatures to the upholstery pretty much all of Donna’s designs are made in the UK from 100% natural fibres, like lambswool which is both durable and environmentally friendly.

Which comes first for you, personal style or trends?

Definitely personal style. For me its important not to look to much at trends as my aim is to create something new and fresh, and that has to be a personal response. I guess its inevitable to be influenced by what surrounds us, but I want to try and keep ahead and create designs that are unique to me!

What are you currently working on and how is it shaping up?

I always have lots on the go at the same time. Otherwise I panic that I’m not busy enough! At the moment we are putting the finishing touches to the  Winter ’10 collection which will be launched in August- new hats, scarves and even gloves, as well as soft furnishings. I have always sold scarves but I thought it might be nice to create more of an accessory collection this year.

I’m really excited to be working with Sharon Knightly, an animator, on a music video for Gideon Conn. I saw Gideon perform at Glastonbury a few years ago and thought he was amazing. The happy music seemed to suit my creatures perfectly, and I have always wanted to bring them to life through animation so when this opportunity arose I jumped at the chance. I can’t wait to see the results!

Oh, also at the end of May we are creating a giant maze of yarn for a festival in my home town in Scotland. Its going to be a labyrinth of multicoloured yarn that people can interact with!

What’s currently inspiring you?

I’m really into Scandinavian design and artists. Being from Aberdeen, I think I might have some Scandinavian blood! I love the work of Norwegian ceramicist, Stig Lindberg. I think its the simplicity, the reference to nature and use of natural materials that I’m drawn to. I just need to plan a Scandinavian tour!

Has your business developed in the way that you anticipated?

I think so, although I never really imagined that I’d create a business from making knitted creatures. The products have evolved and I have had to become a bit more business minded than comes naturally. I’m so determined to keep developing and not stand still. When you’re working all the time, its sometimes difficult to stand back and see whats happened. I occasionally get a glimpse of it when I see things in magazines, or get some good feedback from people. I heard that Orlando Bloom bought two of my trays, and Sheryl Crow has bought a pouffe!

Do you work best alone of collaboratively?

I enjoy both. Collaborating is more difficult as you always feel like the design has to be a bit of both you and the collaborator. I quite like it when its just the way I want it! having said that I think that collaborations are very important as they make you do things that you wouldn’t normally, and that challenge is really good.

What is currently tempting you to make a purchase?

I would really like to buy a ‘love seat’ from Ercol. Its so simple, smooth and lovely, and also its made in the UK.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Creating happy products that people like and buy! Sometimes I can’t quite believe that! Also I am my own boss and can choose when I want to do the exciting things and leave the boring things until later!

Pencil and paper or computer and mouse?

I wish that it was just pencil and paper, but I do spend a lot of time on the computer. Even with designing, I have started to use ‘Illustrator ‘ quite a lot to generate different combinations quickly. All of my ideas do start off with pencil and the back of an envelope, or whatever comes to hand…

I feel most creative when…

I am on a train traveling through the countryside with a sketchbook and no internet!

Any final words of advise?

Keep determined, work hard, be confident in what you are doing and have fun with it- easier said than done sometimes but we all know that if we really, really want something we can get it!

Donna Wilson in her studio

Hand Painted ‘Staffordshire Dogs’

Meg Cushion

Fox scarf

Meg plate

Blink Events- First Thursdays

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

The first Thursday of every month the galleries of East London’s Vyner Street open their doors for an evening of browsing, mooching and possibly even purchasing!  We hadn’t been over this way since December so thought it was a good opportunity to get back and see whats going on.

From around 5pm until late you can wander around and enjoy a diverse selection of art across the multitude of galleries set conveniently side by side in what has been coined London’s Contemporary Art District.  The galleries on Vyner Street are all showing young, innovative, international artists. The small street gradually filled up with a stylishly, arty crowd as the evening wore on.  Beside the attraction of the cultural fix, it’s a good place to hang out over a cheap beer with friends.
The next First Thursday will be on the 3rd of June. By then we should have lots of sunshine so it could be a great way to spend a warm summer evening. We’ll see you there…

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Pattern: Go Wild!

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Its a look that has to be handled with care. Super skin prints can be wildly stylish, but its easy to get bitten by this pattern story.

This long running inspiration morphs in scale, colouration and application from season to season and for the past few its been the preserve of the leopard spot in particular, in quite traditional golden hues. For Autumn Winter 2009, the faux fur, leopard spot coat came through with a sweet 60’s feel (spotted below at London Fashion Week, so we think this will still be seen in Autumn 2010 too). For Spring 2010, the skin print scarf was a hot accessories choice. For several years now, we have yet to report on a month with no animal print at all, and the May “Blink” print report contains some really innovative colouration, scale and style variations on this story. Its a question of constantly looking at your inspiration source with new eyes, considering the era that’s currently exciting you, working out your textile mood and then merging and marrying all of these to create your own evolution on skin prints.

Click here for more on print and pattern. If you’d like to see more about the ‘Blink” print report (one of our most popular publications) contact your nearest agent.

London Fashion Week, Somerset House




London Fashion Week, Somerset House

Blink Inspiration: Something in the Air

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

When we were at the Trendunion presentation for Spring Summer 2011, Li Edelkoort let it slip that the Autumn Winter 2011 presentation would be focusing on birds as the next key inspiration.

Ever since then we have been noticing a few early adopters. Our feathered friends have been providing the inspiration for some great prints, accessories and graphics for Spring 2010, almost like a mini taster of what is to come- if Guru Li is to be believed (and let me tell you, her track record is pretty faultless…). So we suggest you let your imagination take flight (no groaning!) and wing it (still, no groaning at the back!) to embrace this beautiful and inspirational motif.

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Question Air


Zadig & Voltaire

Carnaby Sreet

Miss Selfridge

Style spotted on Westbourne Grove