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The Reports: January ’11 Print

Friday, January 28th, 2011

The ‘Print’ report is last but not least in our week long indulgence of showcasing our wonderful reports. We hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at what we spend most our waking hours doing. We are really proud of our reports service and love the fact that they wing their way out of our office every month and get delivered to addresses all over the world, taking with them a stylish snapshot of whats hot right now in London.

Back to the report in hand, and ‘Print’ is one of most successful reports as far as sales go. Its always been a popular choice, very possibly because its quite unique in the market. Each print story is backed up with a pantone referenced colour palette to clarify the colour and pattern direction.

So, here are the first few pages for you to peruse, and don’t forget that the real thing runs to about 38 or 40 pages each month and is stuffed with great inspirational shots. To see the rest of our reports offer, just click here to see the full portfolio. Enjoy!

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The Reports: January ’11 Knitwear

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Have you enjoyed the last few posts highlighting our lovely reports? I do hope so. If you feel that these could be a good tool for your business, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly or have a look here to see who is your nearest agent. We’d be delighted to have the opportunity to show you the reports in their glorious, technicolour reality.

So, today its the chance of our wonderful ‘Knitwear’ report to shine. Actually, alongside the ‘Soft Wovens’ report, the ‘Knit’ report has been the easiest to fill month on month. Whether Spring/ Summer or Autumn/ Winter, the knitwear category has been the place to find great directional designs as the high street just keeps such great innovation constantly coming. Traditionally knitwear has always been overshadowed by jersey, but this is absolutely no longer the case.

All of you brilliant knit designers out there, we salute you!

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If you’d like to see more about our reports, just click here, and remember that what you are seeing is just a small taster of what each report includes. Enjoy!

The Reports- January ’11 Jersey

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Its Wednesday, so it must be time to showcase the ‘Jersey’ report!

I hope that you have all enjoyed perusing the ‘Denim’ and ‘Soft Wovens’ reports so far. You’ll see that the format from report to report follows a similar formula- but then there are tweaks and variations to ensure that we are expressing the product area in the best possible way. The reports are 95% visual and 5% text driven. As a designer myself, I decided that this was the right balance for a creative tool. Not that we don’t like reading or find big words complicated or anything. No siree! Its more about the fact that we are all time poor and pretty much constantly in need of accessible and instantaneously understandable inspiration. We really hope to have responded well to that need. What do you reckon?

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If you’d like to see more of our reports, just click here and you’ll be taken to our dedicated page. Enjoy!

The Reports- January ’11 Soft Wovens

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

So, the next in our week’s worth of showcasing the “Blink” reports is our ‘Soft Wovens’ report. Its the most recent addition to the monthly portfolio and its doing very well. We spotted that there was a whole, very topical and directional section of the fashion scene that we just weren’t reporting on clearly enough so we decided that the addition of the ‘Soft Wovens’ report would really round out our offer.

If you’re not familiar with this category of product, ‘Soft Wovens’ is a fashion industry term for wovens that are lighter and finer, less structured or constructed than tailored pieces. They are more delicate and more formal than the styles that would be featured in the ‘Denim +’ report and do have a more occassionwear bent, but are not exclusively for ‘posh’. Have I sufficiently cleared that up for you? Hope so! Actually, perhaps I should just leave it to the report itself to explain what its all about. Do have a peruse of the gallery below. This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as this report goes. After these few introductory pages there are up to 35 more which are packed with great detailed product shots.


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For more on the reports, do click here to see our dedicated page, updated once per month with the latest issues.

The Reports: January ’11 Denim

Monday, January 24th, 2011

So, this week we have updated ‘The Reports’ tab with the January reports. These were issued at the end of December and feature the last of the full Winter product. As they are the life-blood of our business, we wanted to give each of the reports a moment in the spotlight so have decided to give each of them a blog post too. You can look at them all together by clicking on ‘The Reports’ tab any time you like too.

We have just upgraded the level of contents, improved the printing and added a posh new front and back cover to the reports so we’re hopeful that our wonderful agents will have some great new subscription orders for us very soon. If you’d like to see more of the reports (the attached gallery are just a preview of the first few pages. There are about 40 pages in each report) then take a look at our list of agents and contact your nearest one- or of course you can contact us directly.

The denim one is always a really interesting one to pull together as its a mixture of huge amounts of continuity and then some really fabulous, swift and speedy micro trends on colour, hardware or treatments. It also covers a pretty diverse product group, hence the name of ‘Denim plus’. For Autumn and Winter that meant that there was a lot of leather and shearling being highlighted in the report. What will be the key alternative to denim for Spring 2011?

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Blink Inspiration: Spring into Colour

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

We spotted this rail of fashion joy when out retailing. I won’t reveal where I cheekily shot this as I want to be able to go in the store again!

The Celine collection is massively influential from a silhouette, textile and mood perspective. We also absolutely love the colour of this early Spring drop. Its was like a ray of Spring sunshine on a very grey London day. Enjoy!

Celine, early Spring '11

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Streetstyle: Black and Blue

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

We spotted this stylish young lady on Regent Street when out retailing last week. She was on a moments break from her job in H&M when we cornered her and asked if we could take her photo. We just loved the proportions and mood of her look, combining great high waisted, snow washed denim shorts with a cropped biker and a lovely softly sheer blouse.  There’s a touch of androgyny combined with a fragility- and who doesn’t love blue and black mixed together? We hope that you like her look too.

Click here for more streetstyle shots. Enjoy!

Blink Retail: Bright Young Things at Selfridges

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Selfridges is keeping the other fabulous fashion mega-stores on their toes with a strong commitment to creative retailing, innovation and the pursuit of exciting new brands. We were delighted to see that they had quickly flipped out of sale mode and embraced the new year with a crop of shiny new talent showcased in the January store windows.

Titled ‘Bright Young Things’, Selfridges has dedicated 20 separate windows to 20 young designers and artists. They have called this “the gift of a window to the world – a giant calling card that will be seen by over one million people every week.” That’s a pretty impressive gift to give these emerging talents. Items from these designers are available in pop up locations in-store and on-line too. There are 10 more names to be showcased in February. We can’t wait to see who they have selected to support.

Here are our favourites from January’s crop. Have a look on Selfridges website for more details on each designer.

Selfridges 'Bright Young Things'

Alex Noble, Fashion Designer and Mixed Media Artist

Alex Noble, Fashion Designer and Mixed Media Artist

Craig Lawrence, Knitwear Designer

Kei Kagami, Womenswear and Shoe Designer

Kei Kagami, Womenswear and Shoe Designer

Li Lee, Womenswear Designer

Sophie Stephens, Illustrator

Sophie Stephens, Illustrator

For more highlights from the best retail windows, click here. For more on new designers, click here. Enjoy!

Blink Retail: Bright Lights, Big City

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

If I fancy a bit of high end retail therapy I have a special route that fulfills all of my desires. My journey takes me from Liberty, cutting through Hanover Square across to Bond Street, then into Bruton Street, a flit across Berkeley Square and into Mount Street, then a stroll up South Audley Street and the final destination is Selfridges. Its a walk past some of the highlights of international fashion, incorporating some of my favourite names. You can say hello to Martin, Stella, Marc and Matthew as you decide whether you are thinking new shoes, frock or handbag- or perhaps all three?

This week I used the excuse of avoiding Oxford Street and headed on my therapeutic route. When I reached Mount Street, I was struck by the store windows. Some of the brightest and boldest that I had seen- and a joy that they were bereft of ‘final price slash sale bonanza’ signs. Grand scale and lots of wattage seemed to be the order of the day.


Christian Louboutin

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Blink Inspiration: Flowers for Stella

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

We were out and about in town yesterday, feeling a bit schizophrenic with the sale stock looking so, well, old I suppose and the new season collections looking oh so freshly tempting. It makes such sense to snap up some amazing sale bargains- especially considering that its still the depths of Winter and will probably remain frigidly cold for at least the next three months, but all I really wanted was new season gorgeousness, along with the promise of sunshine and blue skies that it holds.

Liberty was the best for us as far as showcasing new season collections. We fell in love with the Stella McCartney resort/ early Spring collection all over again (the first time being when we drooled over the show shots on The simplicity of silhouette, the structure, the delicious combination of texture and pattern- specifically the stunning, grand scale floral prints and the boldly blue, broderie anglais style lace. Here are a few shots for you, to share the joy and bring you a little ray of Spring sunshine.

Stella McCartney, Resort 2011 collection. Image from Stella McCartney via

Stella McCartney, Resort 2011 collection. Image from Stella McCartney via

Stella McCartney, Resort 2011 collection. Image from Stella McCartney via