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“Blink” 2015 Predictions: a strong material trend with BConcrete

On top of our fashion fixation, we at Blink London are also interiors obsessed having worked for lifestyle brands in the past. This obsession is currently manifesting in a kitchen makeover we are undertaking at Blink Towers. We have the units all planned (thanks Ikea). We have the lighting all chosen (thanks Plumen). We have the tiles, tap, handles and wall colour all selected. The only thing that remained was to commit to a worktop. After lots and lots and lots of researching we found a great business to partner with on this all important element of our scheme. We’d like to introduce you to BConcrete, a Newquay based, highly innovative family business that is all about this highly on-trend material.

As part of our ‘2015 predictions’ series, we spoke to Anna Petersson, one half of the husband and wife duo behind BConcrete, about why they feel concrete is such a strong statement right now, and about how their business has evolved. Over to Anna:

We started making concrete worktops in Sweden 5 years ago, where concrete is huge, both for inside and outside. As a material for the home, its absolutely here to stay. I am Swedish and my partner in English, so we moved back to the UK 2 years ago and brought our ideas and practices to the UK market, thinking that the industrial fashion will grow here sooner or later!

We love the raw/industrial look of concrete and the many ways you can work with it. There is so much that you can do. We make bespoke furniture, home decor and worktops etc. It looks natural and is a very good alternative to granite or marble, plus it’s more economical! We love mixing concrete with other raw or recycled material like wood and metal too which helps to make each piece even more individual and unique.

BConcrete, concrete worktop


As the industrial/modern style is such a strong direction right now,  being seen a lot on design programs, I think people are starting to think of concrete in a different way and not just a building material. Many styles come and go, but we believe that polished concrete is here to stay for the long term as it´s a great sustainable material and after use it can easily be recycled as filling material etc.

Currently the most popular and most requested look for worktops and tables is the raw, only slightly polished concrete finish, retaining quite an ‘honest’ concrete look. We are also being asked to put in stones and glass pieces in worktops to create a terrazzo-style look which is super luxurious when it’s highly polished. A finish that is gaining in demand is for concrete looking like wood, where you can see the grains and the structure of the planks that were impressed into or used to enclose the wet concrete.

Mr BConcrete finishing a highly polished concrete tabletop

Mr BConcrete finishing a highly polished concrete tabletop

BConcrete have worked with concrete to create huge, industrial feeling statements right down to ultra delicate and fine decorative pieces. Our favourites from their product line have to be those gold lined bowls (perfectly in line with our previous prediction post!) and the surprising concrete based wine glasses. As our kitchen project progresses we will keep you updated on the look and finish we decide on.

BConcrete's wine glasses

BConcrete’s wine glasses

Golden lined, concrete bowls from Bconcrete

Golden lined, concrete bowls from Bconcrete

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