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“Blink” 2015 Predictions: Collaborations (a+b=yay!)

To continue our series of predictions posts, at Blink Towers we’ve been talking lots about the importance of collaborations and whether they will still be so topical in the season’s ahead. Well, we have decided that the collaboration is a key part of the creative journey and perhaps the only change will be in how this partnership functions for the parties involved.

Some of the mega brands do the super power collaboration very well. That is where equally well known, brilliant and successful parties join forces, bringing their specific expertise and kudos to the project. Marc Jacobs did this brilliantly and ground-breakingly at Louis Vuitton. Adidas does this with a diverse selection of fashion success stories (Yohji with Y3, Stella McCartney and most recently Mary Katrantzou). These work because it is a win/win of genius, creativity and genuine expertise, allowing established brands to deliver a look that is an exciting departure from their expected look.

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Panda Bag

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami

Are the H&M x Designer collections a collaboration? We’re not sure?!? It seems more that H&M creates a production route and a platform for unreachable, aspirational brands to deliver a collection that is accessible to the fashion masses but there isn’t an exchange of creative concepts and values in the way that a true collaboration should perhaps operate. We do love them though!

H&M's Designer collections

H&M’s Designer collections

For us the best collaborations lift both parties up and carry them into new arenas, bringing them to the attention of new audiences and expressing the best of each partner. The fabulous Kering collaboration with LCF certainly falls into this category. You can read more about that here.

We think that the most exciting future of collaborations in the fashion industry will be those that take a David and Goliath stance. Not from the catapulted stone between the eyes angle, but from the giant and the newby perspective. How amazing would it be for those product behemoths to take brand-new talent, fledgling brands, creative experimenters and fresh-faced innovators and provide them with the environment to learn, grow, and deliver exciting new concepts through a collaboration? We hope to see lots of this going forward. I think it would be a huge game-changer and a really vibrant and energetic opportunity. So, all you Goliaths out there, the next step is up to you!

Images with many thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest.

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