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“Blink” Accessories: Hands-free handbags at Wilderness

Me and my bum bag, Wilderness festival 2014

Me and my bum bag, Wilderness festival 2014

When Gilly, our Design Director, saw my outfit for Wilderness festival she look aghast. I thought I had been very practical in choosing a bumbag for our Wilderness weekend away, but apparently she felt this was a style step too far. That’s the thing about the humble bumbag; it’s a love or hate thing. I think it’s quite clear which side of that fence Gilly sits on.

I have to tell you I think this was the best accessories purchase that I have made in a long time. Let me tell you why…

1) It’s a bit gold

2) It’s got some animal skin print on it

3) I could throw my hands in the air like I just don’t care whenever I liked

4) I could have a drink in one hand and a pie/cake/camera/glowstick in the other, and my bag was still safely and neatly stashed.

5) minimal handbag movement when dancing

6) there was room for all of my festival essentials (tissues, hand sanitiser, finger torches, lippy, glitter, more tissues…)

7) it was a tenner in the River Island sale

8) If it’s good enough for Karl, it’s good enough for me. This goatskin ‘waist bag’ from Chanel would set you back £1,170.00 though.

the Chanel 'waist bag'

the Chanel ‘waist bag’

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