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“Blink” Accessories: Marc Jacobs Dazzles

Marc by Marc Jacobs, AW'14 at Harrods

Marc by Marc Jacobs, AW’14 at Harrods

I saw this gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag n the window of Harrods. Aside from being very want-able in its own right, it also reminded me of a remarkable innovation which was discovered/designed/invented by a man called Norman Wilkinson.

Wilkinson was an artist who also served in the navy during World War I. In response to the repeated successful attacks on British ships, Wilkinson came up with an utterly artistic and brilliantly innovative solution to protect them. That solution became known as ‘Dazzle’ which is a disruptive style of camouflage that is both effective at confusing enemy gunners and also striking in it’s bold beauty.

a WWI dazzle painted ship

a WWI dazzle painted ship

a WWI dazzle painted ship

a WWI dazzle painted ship

There was even a Chelsea Arts Club ball held with the dazzle pattern as it’s theme.

From the Chelsea Art Club's 1919 Dazzle Ball. Yvonne Gregory by Bertram Park

From the Chelsea Art Club’s 1919 Dazzle Ball. Yvonne Gregory by Bertram Park

I hope these images show you why we would be mentioning wartime battleships on a fashion blog. When I first learnt about this I was blown away by the utter modernity, the braveness and the creativity of this innovation. This was just under 100 years ago for goodness sake!

Well, if you didn’t know about dazzle painting before now, we hope that we have shared a little bit of exciting design knowledge with you. If you did know about it, I hope you have appreciated a little reminder of how stunning it is.

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Thanks to Pinterest for all of the images sourced of dazzle pattern.

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