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“Blink” Accessories: Marc’s Trainer Temptation

You know what, I was just starting to feel a bit over the platform trainer…and then this drops into my inbox. Oh, Mr Jacobs, you’re really spoiling us. These look fantastic, are available now on the Marc by Marc Jacobs website, and I am sorely tempted to make a purchase. However, it does say domestic shipping only (blast!) so you’ll need to chat up a Stateside mate to get them for you.

I have been trying a few of the high street variations on and somehow they kind of give you a sort of club footed look, which is not the desired effect. I bet these won’t have that particular side effect, and instead give me the luxe sporty (aka comfy, yet sexy shoes) footwear look that I’ve been craving.

the Dora Sneaker Wedge from Marc by Marc Jacobs

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