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“Blink” Beauty: A Sensitive Soul

Life in the fashion world is always pretty darn hectic, but come the twice yearly round of Fashion Weeks, it ramps up a notch or three. My body likes to share the joy of this additional stress by showing it on my skin. More specifically, and very annoyingly, it shows my stress by giving me very sensitive, dry and red skin on my face. How kind and terribly thoughtful…

Over the years I have tried many different lotions and potions, all of which promised me a solution but have never quite delivered. I have tried and tested all sorts of brands, from high end and super duper to alternative and almost mystical. After all that time of dedicated trial and error I can now share with you my perfect, swift response, stress busting routine.

My Sensitive Skin savers- Dermalogica, Nude and Allergenics

My Sensitive Skin savers- Dermalogica, Nude and Allergenics

Step 1: Dermalogica Ultracalming cleanser. A gentle yet effective cleansing face wash. If I’ve worn extra layers of slap then I just wash my face over twice.

Step 2: Dermalogica Ultracalming Serum Concentrate. This milky lotion has fast working anti-inflammatory properties and adds a light, healing layer of moisture.

Step 3: Nude ProGenius treatment oil. You literally need just 2 or 3 drops of this, warm it in your palm and gently press it into your face and neck. It’s swiftly absorbed and leaves your skin glowing.

Step 4: Allergenics Intensive Care Non-Steroidal Ointment. If you have specific areas that need more intense and focussed dryness relief then dab on a small amount of this incredibly rich ointment. The tube ain’t pretty or posh but it delivers brilliantly. Even the sorest, driest areas are soothed and returned to perfect health in just a few applications. There is also a cream version of this that is less heavy and works well with makeup.

Have a look here to find your nearest store to buy Dermalogica. I bought mine in Liberty. I buy my Nude and Allergenics at Whole Foods. You can find a local Nude retailer by looking here, and Allergenics is also sold on Amazon. This has worked for me, and if you suffer with stressed out skin, I can recommend these to you too and I hope they deliver relief for you in the same way as they have for me.

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