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“Blink” Beauty: Heidi Klein and the Mystic Tan

Never have I ever had a spray tan. Call me crazy but the thought of standing in paper knickers and a shower cap in front of a stranger whilst they smother your every nook and cranny with a sticky fake tan solution just wasn’t high on my ‘fun things to do’ list. Uhm, why didn’t anyone tell me it didn’t have to be like that?!? Heidi Klein very kindly invited me to try their Mystic Tan treatment, promising me that it was actually a painless, humiliation-free experience so I decided that it was time for me to pop my fake tanning cherry!

Heidi Klein, Westbourne Grove

Heidi Klein, Westbourne Grove

After giving myself a thorough exfoliation, as advised by the HK team, I hit their Westbourne Grove store. Walking in to Heidi Klein is like walking in to some wonderful parallel reality where it is always Summer and you are always about to head off to St Barts/ step aboard your super-yacht/ honeymoon in the Seychelles… Usually I find that soothing but this time I felt a little nervous (not helped by my brother sending me a picture of a very orange oompa loompa as an example of my potential ‘after’ look!).

Heidi Klein, Westbourne Grove

Heidi Klein, Westbourne Grove

A member of HK staff showed me through a secret door in the back of the store and talked me through the whole Mystic Tan process. I got to choose a level of colour (I chose the palest as anything would be a huge improvement on my milky whiteness!). I also got to choose an additional scent to offset the inherant fake tan ‘biscuityness’ so I chose coconut (tres Hawaiian Tropic). I was then told that the paper knickers were optional (apparently some people like to be able to see a tan line), to pop on the shower cap and to coat any dry skin areas with a moisturiser to stop the tan looking darker in those spots. I was talked through how to stand in the booth, what commands to expect, and what to do once the spray was completed. Then she said goodbye… Uhm, where was she off to? What about the humiliation I had been anticipating?

This is the best bit about a Mystic Tan. It’s just you and the booth baby! What a revelation! I got in. I stood this way, I stood that way, I tried to remember to breathe when not being sprayed in the face…

So, as I am now obviously a Mystic Tanning expert now I shall share with you some pros and cons…

Pros: no humiliation, a rather pleasant aroma, swift, not sticky when dry and I could dress about 5 minutes after being sprayed, a good even colour, I got repeatedly told I looked very well, I did not look anything like an oompa loompa.

Cons: I forgot that I should have made sure my palms were covered in that moisturiser, the biscuit smell did make itself known after about 3 hours, after about 5 days the tan became patchy and I looked a little on the grubby side in places (all the more reason to go back for more!).

If you’d like to try this experience for yourself here are the details:

Heidi Klein: 174 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill , London W11 2RW

To book an appointment call 0207 243 5665

Price:  £27.50 per spray

Many thanks to Heidi Klein for the experience. For more Blink London beauty posts, just look here.

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