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“Blink” Beauty: Lucy Bee’s Coconut Oil

On a recent trip to Portugal (did I overwhelm you with tile pics on Instagram?!?) I had to travel light so some smart thinking was required to ensure I was covered for all eventualities and circumstances (work, beach, evenings out, work, lounging about, more beach…). I looked long and hard at the huge amount of lotions and potions I like to take away with me and decided that some tough decisions needed to be made in the name of efficiency (not my strong suit). What could I swap out for more space efficient, multi-tasking options?

This was my eureka moment. I already have a stash of Lucy Bee’s coconut oil in my bathroom that I use as an occasional body moisturiser, but I know there’s more to coconut oil than that. So could this little pot of joy really solve my packing dramas for a 10 day trip?

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Packing light and packing smart- the beauty of coconut oil

Do you know that coconut oil contains lauric acid and Vitamin E? Both of these things make it a really effective as a soothing and nourishing moisturiser. Goodbye night cream, hello a light application to sun-glowing skin before bed. I kept hold of my day cream though as it has a sun protection factor that is very important especially for fair skinned, freckly types like me!

I also set aside my bulky bottle of after sun and decided that I would instead indulge in the soothing, nourishing, moisturising properties of Lucy Bee, making it the perfect after-sun. It is also perfect as an intense hand and foot cream too (no unsightly dry tootsies in my flip flops!).

My fabulous Simple Micellar cleansing wipes do a grand job, even on mascara- but sometimes you need a little extra help. Instead of packing eye makeup remover, do you know that you can safely use coconut oil? In addition to cleansing we have a great coconut oil suggestion from Lucy Bee’s founder herself:

“I love using this, once I have taken off my make-up, I reapply some more to my lashes. This is very nourishing and helps to lengthen and strengthen lashes!”

I also have a mane of unruly hair that usually goes extra crazy in hot sun, especially when hitting the beach and sea swimming. This means that generally I have to pack all sorts of deep conditioners, protectors and serums. Well, not this time. Due to the Vitamin E in coconut oil it makes a really effective, moisturising treatment mask. Just smooth some thoroughly through your hair a little while before you wash it. You then may need 2 washes with shampoo to get your hair squeaky clean, and do still apply your usual conditioner, but your tresses will be silky smooth. Actually I used a small touch of Lucy Bee as a hair serum, smoothing it through damp, post wash hair. It prevented all my usual frizzles and gave a really glossy finish. So there’s another product I could leave at home; my hair serum!

Lucy, Lucy Bee's founder

Lucy, Lucy Bee’s founder

More from Lucy of Lucy Bee:

“This is why I like to call Lucy Bee a miracle oil!”

Well, after ten days with just that little pot of coconut oil doing so many jobs so very well, I must agree!

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