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Blink Catching Up: Fair Fashion

Ferry journey from Istanbul

Apologies for the lack of a Music Monday or any other posts yet this week but I have been on a rather exciting last minute journey and just got back very late last night.

You may have spotted this image on my Instagram account on Sunday. It’s the ferry out of Istanbul taking me across to Mudanya on the long journey from London to Bursa. I was on my way to meet a really exciting collection of manufacturers and mills to kick off a wonderful new Blink London Consultancy project. I’ll share more with you as it develops (and if I’m allowed).

There are several areas in Turkey where textile and garment manufacturing happens, and has been happening for centuries, and Bursa is one of those. I love working with Turkey as a fashion manufacturing resource because the way that this country’s fashion manufacturing has evolved means that there are inherent sustainable practices. You will very often find that the garments you are having made in Turkey are being constructed from fabric that has been woven or knitted in very close proximity to the garment production plant, and often that fabric has been created from Turkish yarn too. This means that already your garments have incurred as few miles as possible before being shipped to it’s final destination. That is always going to be good news.

I met with a mill that has been awarded more eco certificates than any other in Turkey to date (and to Swiss standards, not Turkish ones), and in fact is becoming a vegan factory. Yup, you heard that right. This is a factory who is working towards eliminating any animal created fibres that cause that animal to be killed during that fibres harvesting. They are also supporting ethical and cruelty-free fibre producers when they are buying wool, and working at the forefront of recycled synthetics. I am so very impressed.

So here’s to a long and exciting relationship blossoming from here, and to me sharing more really positive fashion industry news with you from my new project!

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