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“Blink” Events: Annabel’s on the silver screen

On the 28th October we were very excited to experience our very first red carpet moment. I must admit that I was a little overwhelmed as I stepped past the velvet ropes, and really very relieved when I made it to the cinema entrance without falling flat on my face. Okay, this wasn’t a screaming-fan surrounded, Hollywood superstar studded, Leicester Square style movie premiere, but it was a big deal never the less.

This was the premiere screening of a film directed by Greg Fay and Executive Produced by Ridley Scott and Kate Driver, at the Curzon Cinema, Mayfair. The film, called ‘ANNABEL’S: A STRING OF NAKED LIGHTBULBS’, is a documentary charting the 50-year history of Annabel’s, the renowned London nightclub. It is an insight into one of the most enduringly fabulous and desirable private members clubs that also manages to chart economic and political history as well as celebrity culture, all wrapped up in an engaging, moving, funny and interesting celluloid package.

Annabel’s is synonymous with one of the most fun and iconic periods in London’s history. I think we have shone a light into what was at the heart of London’s nightlife for the past 50 years and look forward to audiences everywhere having the opportunity to enjoy the world of Annabel’s as much as we did.” Ridley Scott

In addition to all of the various, very recognisable actors, musicians and models recounting their insights, experiences and stories about Annabel’s, you also meet some of the key members of staff who I believe are the true superstars of this piece. Oh, and Annabel’s is the only nightclub ever to have been frequented by the Queen!

The film is being shown throughout November in private screenings at the Curzon, Mayfair. To enquire about these screenings, contact or alternatively, call +44 (0)20 7629 1096.

Many thanks to Annabel’s and Ridley Scott Associates for our invitation, and now we are just awaiting our invitation to become an Annabel’s member (pretty please?).

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