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When we are out and about retailing, spotting a new window scheme is always a moment of excitement for us. There are some stores that really take this opportunity to present a brilliant creative vision to the world, bringing in elements of fantasy and story telling, beyond just basic product promotion. You may recall a recent post where we got a little over excited about the Nicole Farhi Bond Street store display. Well, James Shouli and his team recently did it again. James- apologies that we have taken us long to get this post on the go, but better late than never! This time the instore VM team collaborated with sculptress, Benedetta Mori Ubaldini.

“I first came across Benedetta when I was introduced to her by a friend. Her work is so beautiful and different, I wanted to create an installation for her that worked alongside the merchandise and created a beautiful fun scene showing the mannequins interacting with the animals” James Shouli

The Milanese sculptor is well known for her innovative and extraordinarily realistic wire work. Each piece starts life as flat ‘chicken wire’ which is gradually manipulated by hand, the pieces are twisted and joined together to give a seamless appearance with no internal structure. The result is a really subtle form that is ‘almost there’. Nicole, a sculptor herself, was thrilled to offer Benedetta the opportunity to exhibit her unusual animals across the 5 London stores. At “Blink” we love the way that fashion often embraces other arts, and the way that this often results in a new burst of creativity for everybody concerned. From our point of view, this is a perfect example. We can’t wait to see what the team come up with next!

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