Blink Inspiration- Upcycling with the Skip Sisters

Here we have another guest post, this time it’s thanks to our brilliant “Blink” contributer, Amy Becker Burnett:

Make do and mend is well on trend for 2010, and that makes the Skip Sisters ahead of the curve. Six creatively energetic South London based artists formed this design group three years ago and have been lovingly restoring, recycling and re-creating from unwanted things ever since. Ranging from  cuff links made from old stamps and tiny toys, handbags made from vintage underwear and cushion covers embellished with antique medals and broach’s, their work has kitsch, quirky and retro feel. It’s quaint without being twee.

A Skip Sister’s exhibition is a treasure trove of vintage dresses, unique home wear and contemporary art pieces. You’ll find anything from clocks made from 70’s vinyls to abstract paintings in sardine tins and beautiful felt bird sculptures with kitchen fork claws and grater tails. In such a throw-away society, excessive production and increased availability of cheap products means we’ve lost incentive to repair or recycle. As designers and makers, this fashion forward six-some are spot on with their waste not want not approach to ‘upcycling’, art, fashion and interiors…

Check out the girls at

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