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“Blink” Lifestyle: Botanic Lab’s ISOTONIC1 is the new black…

Following up from yesterday’s introduction to Botanic Lab, we have now tried and tested a brand new, super innovative product from these cold press pioneers, ISOTONIC1.

Christophe perfecting the new  addition to the Botanic Lab collection

Christophe perfecting the new addition to the Botanic Lab collection

I have been hearing about the benefits of charcoal for a little while, but I hadn’t yet been inducted into this rather experimental and innovative club. That all changed when I was given a couple of bottles of Botanic Lab‘s new 100% cold-pressed isotonic drink. I find green juices awe-inspiring enough so to stare a bottle of pure black liquid in the face was not the most enticing of propositions.

Botanic Lab's new ISOTONIC1

Botanic Lab’s new ISOTONIC1

First off, what is an isotonic drink?




adjective: isotonic

(of a drink) containing essential salts and minerals in the same concentration as in the body and intended to replace those lost as a result of sweating during vigorous exercise.


I hit the gym hard, got home and braced myself to try this for the first time. Wow, this is genuinely delicious. The vibrant citrus tang from the Japanese yuzu juice is in direct contrast with the inky appearance of this drink. The charcoal adds a very fine texture to the drink (be sure to shake it well or you will have a very gritty last mouthful) which is unusual but not unpleasant.

The unique angle of this drink comes from several key elements, but the most critical of these is the activated charcoal, a medical grade digestive purifier. Porous charcoal binds with toxins to speed their safe elimination from the body (gip and wow at the same time!). Botanic Lab are also strong supporters of raw cane juice, which is also added to this blend. Unlike refined sugar this is actually a super-food: alkalising, with a low glycaemic index and an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. The raw Japanese yuzu delivers a hit of vitamin C as well as the strongest flavour characteristic of this drink. This 100% organic blend is free from synthetic substances which is unlike pretty much all of the other isotonic drinks on the market.

As an aside, and not stated at all by Botanic Lab, I also found this drink hugely helpful when I was suffering from a few too many sherries after a pre-Christmas get together…

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