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“Blink” Lifestyle: Introducing Botanic Lab

As we announced last night, in the run up to Christmas and all the over-indulgence that entails, we will aim to bring a little clean living your way. Here’s the first post which is a delicious introduction to the theme.

I will start this post with the context that although I do try to embrace a healthy lifestyle, I am not a crazy juicing fanatic, I avoid drinking anything green and I have not remortgaged to invest in a Vitamix. With all of that in mind, you will understand that it would take a pretty special juicing proposition to get me excited, interested and swigging away! That very special proposition is the very innovative and exciting Botanic Lab.

Founded by Christophe Reissfelder and Rebekah Hall, Botanic Lab delivers the very finest botanical ingredients in combination with medicinal wisdom ensuring that every product delivers to their company motto “Less froth, more function”.

Botanic Lab's Founders, Rebekah and Christophe

Botanic Lab’s Founders, Rebekah and Christophe

Hall notes that “as raw nutrition gains fashionable appeal, it’s vital that people know where to go for the genuine article. It’s meaningless to flirt with flavours or name-drop the buzz ingredient du jour: our formulae deliver targeted support to specific areas of wellness. Powerful ingredients in quantities that actually make a difference.”

Each Botanic Lab recipe is created around a central ‘hero’ ingredient that has been meticulously selected and sourced. The balance of ingredients is calculated with both medicinal potency and maximum flavour in mind. The best of modern technology is employed in Botanic Lab’s kitchen, where their products are created using a hydraulic cold-press. This is the unrivalled method for extracting maximum goodness from fresh ingredients. There’s strictly no dilution so each fresh tonic arrives densely packed with live nutrients.

This week I will be taste testing two of their products and sharing my experience with you. If you don’t want to wait for that, then you can get stick in and buy their products from Botanic Lab direct, or from Fenwicks Bond Street, Albion Shoreditch and also Albion Southbank.

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