“Blink” Music: Clean Bandit, ‘Rather Be’ feat. Jess Glynne

Here’s a perky little number to start your week off right. I love this track, although the video is a little on the bemusing side, especially if you’re not familiar with what the Clean Bandit crew look like. Clean Bandit is an electro band with classical skills. Their classical musicality really makes this band’s sound stand out. I love the soaring strings and the super smooth harmonies. I think it gives their sound a somewhat quirkily intellectual edge.

The track we’re featuring is ‘Rather Be’, which we liked even before we knew there was a cat in the video. It’s a love song but without all of the sex or saccharine that you would usually associate with that subject matter. Jess Glynne is the featured vocalist. She’s the vocalist on the Route 94 track, ‘My Love’, too, which is another Blink Towers favourite.

For more great music, take a look here.

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