“Blink” Music: Jessie Ware ‘Tough Love’

I’m not sure if my choice for today’s Music Monday track has been influenced by my newly single status (must I really face Tinder AGAIN!?!) but aside from helping me through by being an ace song to yell along too at high volume (sorry neighbours), it’s also just a thoroughly gorgeous, multi-layered, deeply infectious and pretty much perfect track.

We’re long term Jessie Ware fans here at Blink Towers, yet with every new release we are freshly reminded of the beauty of her voice. ‘Tough Love’ is liltingly romantic yet still strong with a bold beat blended with a tad of 90’s syth pop. I am super excited that she’s playing at Wilderness as I haven’t yet seen her live. Hopefully I’ll be over my heartbreak by then and won’t be tempted to dash on stage and wail when she sings this particular song. Just jokes, probably…

This track is released on August 3rd. For more of our musical posts, just have a look here.

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