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“Blink” Music: Netsky ‘Rio’ feat. Digital Farm Animals

This is our second favourite song called ‘Rio’. This is Netsky‘s most recent release, and features Digital Farm Animals. It’s a great track that is extra catchy, but the video is a bit pants. Netsky, christened Boris, is a young Belgian musician and producer. This track is up our strasse, but I must admit that I generally find his work a little on the housey D&B-lite side of things for me.

On ‘Rio’ he is joined by Digital Farm Animals (we guess that answers for the piggy in the video…). DFA is a London-based, electronic dance oriented musician and producer with a reputation for delivering 80’s synth influenced, melodic work. It must be his influence that has helped Netsky make it as one of our Music Monday picks.

Which ever way your musical tasted fall, this is a certified mood uplifter. Perfection for a Monday when the sun’s shining…

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