“Blink” Music: We Were Evergreen, ‘Baby Blue’

We spent the weekend in the sun filled grounds of Lulworth Castle, with thousands of other people, all joining in the crazy fun that is Camp Bestival. On Sunday morning, as we (rather slowly) prepared ourselves for another day of festival craziness, we were tempted to the main stage by this band. What better way to forget that festi hangover than to get your wiggle on with a wonderful up beat new music discovery?

We Were Evergreen¬†are a Parisian alternative indie-electro-pop trio formed in 2008. Their shape-shifting pop songs blend folk melodies, electro beats and exotic rhythms. I had to swipe all of that from their website, because my brain has still not quite re-engaged from the weekend’s festivities. Thanks Camp Bestival for an awesome time, and thanks for bringing these guys to our attention. We hope that you all enjoy them on a Monday workday as much as we did in a field on a sunny Sunday. Oh, and if you are into them, they are playing at various other festivals through the season, and will be at Jazz Cafe later on October 9th. Maybe we’ll see you there?

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