“Blink” reports- ‘Denim’

Thanks goodness it’s Friday. And to add to your reasons to be joyful, we have not one but two posts for you today. I know! We’ll start with ‘Denim’ just to round up our posts on our category specific reports for the week. You’ve already been treated to jersey, knit, soft wovens and print. You may have noticed that the format is pretty much the same through the reports, but it isn’t identical. Each report subject has its idiosyncratic moments, just to ensure that particular product type or subject is presented at its absolute best.

The ‘Denim’ report definitely has its own approach. There are no colour palettes in here, but we do run a few pages that highlight particular stories within the denim and casual wovens category, whether its about colour, pattern, treatments or trims. There are lots of close ups and cut outs though this report ensuring that you see all of the detail that goes in to making a style particular to a brand, and inspiring you to come up with new approaches to your own denim personality.

As with the other reports we have previewed this week, we have a few key pages from the report for you in this post. In total, this particular edition ran at over 45 pages, so there’s lots more for you to see. If you’re interested in checking this out, or seeing the full editions of any of our reports, why not have a look here for our contact details, or those of your nearest agent. Enjoy!

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