“Blink” Reports: Introducing Menswear

We’re very excited about our new monthly report title. Yes. we have entered the world of menswear!

By popular demand, we have added a monthly retail report featuring over 150 images per month, covering all aspects of trend-driven men’s fashion from ultra formal to super casual, plus all the accompanying key accessories too. The majority of our business is still very much womenswear focused, but this really adds a new level of interest, excitement and diversity to the information that we are collating, reviewing and analyzing.

Here’s a snapshot of the most recent colour review that we published, from the May’13 report. We really love this pink toned palette for menswear. It’s actually really pretty close the the prevailing colour trend in this month’s womenswear too.

"Blink" menswear report, May'13, colour analysis

"Blink" menswear report, May'13, colour analysis

For more on our reporting service, have a look here. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, why not contact us, or your nearest agent?

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