“Blink” Retail: Behind the Scenes of the MMM for H&M Campaign

To say that the “Blink” team is excited about the impending MMM for H&M collaboration, would be somewhat of an understatement. I have already mentally incorporated all of my favourite pieces in to my Winter wardrobe. Let me just tell you that if you’re in my way as I try to get to the over-sized P coat, you are in trouble…

To help keep the frenzy fresh, H&M sent over this fabulous behind the scenes look at the making of the campaign video, directed by the brilliant, British artist, photographer and film-director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Shot on a deserted Paris street corner, the atmospheric images feature models Julia Nobis and Jamie Bochert, as well as the dancer Cyril Baldy. The campaign will appear on television worldwide from November 8th, as well as online and outdoor, with the collection being launched on November 15th in around 230 stores worldwide.

I suggest you start sharpening your elbows now…


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