“Blink” Retail: High Street versus High End

It’s pretty well known that, at “Blink”, we’re huge fans of high street fashion. That’s not to say that we aren’t also passionate about high end, rarefied, eye-wateringly expensive labels too. It’s just that there is something so exciting about seeing direction delivered so creativity and still at accessible and democratic prices.

We constantly debate who is looking best, and for several months, Zara has come out tops. I wish I could say that it was one of our home grown labels, but the truth is that Zara deal with textiles, silhouettes and detailing in an exemplary way. Here are some prefect examples spotted in their Knightsbridge store window. I know they may not bear the close inspection of the brand that inspired this look (unmistakable Louis Vuitton), but they’ll do for us!

Zara, Brompton Road

Zara, Brompton Road

Zara, Brompton Road

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