Blink Retail: Love at Liberty London

We have a long standing love affair with Liberty, but we have only just now been provided with the opportunity to really put that love into the words of a love letter. Liberty have constructed a ‘Love Wall’ just next to where their new stationary department will be opened (did we need any more reasons to spend far too much time in there?!?). Perfectly timed for Valentines, ideal to promote their new stationary department and also incredibly romantic.

We think it may have been inspired by the obsessive love letter posting that happens in Verona. There is a house which proposes to be that of the Capulet’s (of Shakespeare fame), with a balcony and a Juliet statue. On any available space in the wall, the heartsick and love-lorn leave love notes to Juliet asking her to help them find their true love. Well, we can tell you that you can save the plane fair and get a bus to Liberty instead. Aside from the gorgeous ‘Love Wall’, where we left a few begging letters to Cupid, I can tell you that love can be found in Liberty on a regular basis- mainly in the Shoe Hall and also in the designer womenswear section if you’re feeling flush…

Liberty London's 'Love Wall'

Liberty London's 'Love Wall'

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