“Blink” Retail: Moschino is the Cat’s Whiskers!

There are some great Christmas windows out there right now. Topping our favourites list is Liberty‘s steam train themed scheme and the sparkle-tastic Selfridges windows. We do love a bauble, but I must admit that my absolute favourite current fashion windows are not terribly Christmassy at all. We spotted this genius display in the Moschino windows yesterday. Okay, I could very well be totally swayed by this window because it features a huge cat, but I do truly think it’s the whole wonderful Tim Walker-esque fantasy approach that is perfect for this quirky and creative brand, and so utterly charming.

Madame, you’re interested as dressing as a sunshine yellow budgerigar? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Moschino, Conduit Street

Moschino, Conduit Street

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