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It’s about time we treated you to another ‘Stylish Steals’ post, and this is one that we have spend many hours and few quid investigating thoroughly for you. Believe me, it’s been our pleasure! This is all about the fabulous beauty products from & Other Stories. I will kick things off by sharing a pic of my own stash with you, backing up this recommendation with the fact that in the short time since this brand landed, it has now pretty much taken over my make-up bag.

 & Other Stories, makeup, Marc Jacobs, makeup bag,

My personal stash of & Other Stories makeup

Not only are these products a fabulous price, they are also incredibly high quality. The colours are all highly pigmented meaning that a little goes a long way. The formulations are innovative and easy to apply, feel great on the skin and wear well. I had so many compliments when I started using their ‘Kick Pleat Red’ cheek and lip tint that several girlfriends immediately bought into the same product.

& Other Stories, makeup, Blink London

& Other Stories beauty department

& Other Stories, beauty, makeup lipstick, Blink London

& Other Stories beauty department

The array of colours, finishes and product types is very impressive and constantly being updated. The in-store staff encourage you to try, giving you expert advice which I personally found invaluable, especially when stepping into the new and slightly scary world of eyebrow powders. At these prices you can buy that new, slightly bonkers nail polish colour without thinking about it too much. It is both playful and brilliantly chic. The perfect combo deal for any make up brand we think.

We spotted some scented candles on our last visit into the Regent Street branch and I can’t wait to get a few of those home. Just to test them for you, obviously! For more beauty posts, take a look here. If you’re into reading about more Stylish Steals, then this is the place for you to click.

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