Blink Travels: Jewellery joy in Istanbul

As we returned to our lovely hotel after a hard day of retail therapy topped off with a soapy rub down in the Galatasaray hamam (not for the prudish or faint-hearted!), we spotted a small but beautiful store, called Ekay, with lots of stunning, sparking jewelery in the window. It was impossible to resist popping in, as I have a personal addiction for Turkish jewelery, and its always nice to wear something that serves as a reminder of a great trip too…

We were very well looked after by Evren, who turned out to be the designer, maker and proprietor. She explained the inspiration for her latest collection called ‘Constellation’, “The inspiration comes from when people look at the stars everybody sees different shapes. Everyone can create their own star as a ring. The constellation collection is like a puzzle. There are a lot of different versions of the rings so people can combine them with each other to create something unique.”

Evren Kayar in her store, Ekay

one of the 'Constellation' rings

I invested in a really unusual silver ring from the ‘Ottoman Remix’ collection, inspired by traditional architectural shapes seen in Istanbul. Beautiful!

my ring from the 'Ottoman Remix' collection

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