“Blink” Travels: Flying- travel in style

Since the beginning of the year I seem to have been on a pretty regular round of packing and unpacking suitcases, double checking I have my passport and triple checking all of my flight details. It’s been a wonderful time of travelling for clients, on research trips, on mini adventures and to spend time with far flung family. The next trip is all about spending 2 weeks doing as little as possible as I head away for my Summer hols. To make sure I have the speediest journey from home to sun lounger (with cocktail in hand), I have decided to opt for a hand luggage only flight.

With a bit of careful planning this doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on any of your luxuries or outfit changes, although to be honest I plan to pretty much be living in my bikini. A big tip from me is to choose tried and tested favourites from your Summer wardrobe, work with a pretty tight colour palette and then add in some bold accessories to help you make a small selection seem like a full Kim K’s closet of choices.

First you have to get your travel outfit right. I like to choose something that will get some wear through my hols too. I pretty much always choose jeans. Stretch Jamies from Topshop are a fav and really comfortable even for long haul.  This time I’ll be wearing those jeans with a kinda Chloe inspired swingy top from H&M. That way I start to get my holiday vibe going, and it also saves it from getting creased in my carry-on! My go-to handbag is this small but beautifully detailed fringed clutch from Oasis. It’s big enough for my wallet and all important documents but small enough to make sure I can see everything in it at a glance (I’m a bit of a checker).

My Summer holiday travelling outfit: Topshop jamie jeans, H&M top and Oasis clutch bag. Blink `London fashion blog, travelling in style, summer holiday

My Summer holiday travelling outfit: Topshop Jamie jeans, H&M top and Oasis clutch bag.

If the airline is getting sniffy about one bag only per passenger I know that I can easily stuff this weeny handbag inside my carry-on suitcase. Actually as an aside, I would always suggest you quadruple check what number and size of bags your airline allows so you don’t get caught out. I found this table from Purple Parking really helpful as a good reference for that very thing.

My Summer'15 favourite sandals, fashion blog, Blink London, wedge sandals

My Summer’15 favourite sandals

Next is the shoes. I am in love with these nutty metallic gold wedge numbers. Perhaps you saw my video of them on Instagram? Well, wearing them not only makes my outfit more fabulous, it also frees up a ton of space in my suitcase. You see, not just a pretty face!

My 'carry on' beauty must haves!

My ‘carry on’ beauty must haves!

And talking of a pretty face, when working just with carry-on luggage and the volume restrictions you have to be extra smart. I use my Heidi Klein pouch as the clear bag required for liquids, and then when I’m away it reverts to its intended purpose as being a wet bikini bag. Having this pre-packed means no fuss for the security check. Any of my holiday favourites that come in small enough bottles get to come with, and then once you’re through security you can stock up on anything bigger in duty free.

I always fly makeup free with a generous slathering of moisturiser. Once safely in the air, I give my skin a freshen up with a Simple Micellar cleansing wipe and then pop on some Rodial Dragon’s Blood face mask (it doesn’t show so nobody need know!). You’re about to inflict lots of sunshine, seawater and aircon on your skin so my number one piece of advice is to ensure you’re maxed out on moisturisation from start to finish of your trip. I them swoosh on a bit of bronzer, mascara and a dash of lippy just before landing (no need to frighten the locals).

So there you have it, my plan to a happy and stylish holiday, even when travelling light. Roll on my departure date! For more of our posts about our travels, take a look here.

“Blink” Pattern Inspiration: Celia Birtwell x Valentino

As a preview to a post that is coming up very soon, we wanted to share this lovely video with you. One of my longest standing fashion love affairs has been with the work of Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell. And if you’re an avid Blink London blog reader, you’ll know that I have a newer, and seasonally increasing fashion passion for Valentino (check our post about the recent Valentino couture collection). Imagine my excitement when I discovered that Valentino was working with Celia to create the print and pattern for their pre-Fall 2015 collection!

The collaboration has continued and Celia’s work can be seen in the Valentino collections right up to SS’16 menswear as well as Resort ’16 womenswear. Watch out for more on this on the blog in the upcoming week.

“Blink” Music: Eryn Allen Kane ‘Have Mercy’

I first heard today’s Music Monday post when listening to Huw Stephens on Radio One. He is currently on fire as far as highlighting great new music. Eryn Allen Kane is about to drip some musical honey right into your earholes. That may not sound quite as pleasant as I had intended, but believe me, you will enjoy the few minutes of escape created by her intensely soulful, spirited and heart-felt vocals.

Detroit born, Chicago resident Eryn Allen Kane has worked with many up and coming young musical talents, as well as featuring on a new track with the Purple King of Musical Cool, Prince. It’s called ‘Baltimore’  and it’s gorgeous, significant and delivers an important message. While we encourage you to have a listen to that track, let’s not loose sight of our main focus today, and that is ‘Have Mercy‘, the most recent release from Eryn Allen Kane, and a tour de force in modern soul. It is stark, pared down and stripped back, just like the video which we think is completely mesmerising. This track will be featured on her upcoming release, Aviary EP, that doesn’t have an official release date just yet but keep an eye out for it.

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“Blink” Retail: Fur(k) Off

Today’s issue of the Business of Fashion just dropped into my inbox and this is it’s lead story…

image from the Business of Fashion emailed newsletter, PETA, fur in fashion, fur farming, fashion ethics

image from the Business of Fashion emailed newsletter

It’s a well researched and fact filled article about whether Fur has a place in Fashion (just click on that link to read the full article). If you are a long standing Blink reader, then you’ll know our uncompromising view on this subject and it’s a firm absolutely no thanks to fur from us. No fur, no thanks, on no occasion. Seriously that left hand image just sums the whole argument up for me. How could you possibly wear real fur (yes, that includes you Canada Gooseys and your coyote trimmed hoods, all of you with those rotten fur poms on your hats or handbags, and you wearing that vintage fur coat) if you have any conscience at all? It is simply unacceptable on every level.

Yes you may eat meat (I don’t by the way), but I bet you like to ensure your meat, eggs, fish, milk has come from a happy animal that experienced some quality of like during it’s short time on this earth. Well, most (but not all by any stretch) of the leather and sheepskin that we wear comes from animals that have been farmed for more than just their skins but have also been part of our food chain. Well, that is never ever ever the case with animals who are farmed or trapped purely for their pelts. It’s a miserable existence and often a shockingly disgusting death.

So, we thank the wonderful British Vogue, Selfridges, Liberty, Arcadia group et al for turning their backs on this material choice- and are they any less fabulous for doing so? Nope, we think it makes then super, extra, totally and additionally fabulous actually.

You can check out our previous rants on this matter here and also here. For more fashion retail news, just click here.

“Blink” New Music: Young Fathers ‘Nest’

This track, ‘Nest‘, has been the deciding factor in whether we have the feels for Young Fathers or not. It’s a yes from us after listening intently and repeatedly. This Edinburgh based group are delivering a really innovative sound that is founded in their hip hop roots but certainly not any kind of hip hop we’ve heard before.

There style is sparse and yet multi layered, with a kind of under-produced/ bedroom-recorded sound that we love for its honesty and rawness. Young Fathers seem to have found a space in between musical genres that is really appealing, really fresh but still somewhat recognisable- like they have distilled lots of our favourite musical reference points from the 80’s, 90’s and reworked at them in an utterly current way. In short, this is cool, they are cool, we feel cooler for having listened to it. If you like this track, then check out their new album, ‘White Men are Black Men too‘.



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“Blink” Retail: Heidi Klein x Selfridges, just for you

Heidi Klein has teamed up with wonderfully creative embroiderer Laura Lees to offer Selfridges shoppers the chance to personalize their HK product in a very luxurious way. You can have your initials embroidered in gold thread on swimwear and accessory purchases this Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of May from 12-8pm both days.

Heidi Klein x Laura Lees x Selfridges personalization service. #embroidery. #Espadrilles, #Blink London

Heidi Klein x Laura Lees x Selfridges personalization service

We wanted to offer the Selfridges shopper something personal this summer.  Having your initials sewn on to your bikini or espadrilles by Laura Lees is a luxurious touch we hope shoppers will enjoy. It’s great for gifting and our new girls collection,” says co-founder Penny Klein.

I wonder if I can twist Laura’s arm and have her embroider “Blink” on a bikini for me? For more retail news, just look here.

“Blink” Retail: O’Dell’s

Tom, founder of O'Dell's store on Calvert Avenue, East London

Tom, founder of O’Dell’s store on Calvert Avenue, East London

You have to hit East London up on a regular basis as the speed of change with shopping and social options will make your head spin. On one such foray we came across O’Dell’s. This wee gem of a store is conjoined with Luna and Curious (another Blink fav) on Calvert Avenue (running between Arnold Circus and Shoreditch High Street). This compact space is filled with beautifully crafted, unique and innovative products that have been selected with care by owner, Tom O’Dell (yes,yes).

O’Dell’s taste seems to be for the natural, functional and honest- along with a large serving of good design and refined finishing. Much of the product is UK made by small producers, like the beautiful wool rug hanging in the shot above. Although not exclusively for the boys, if you are stuck with what to buy for a fella in your life, then this is a great place to head. Here are some of our favourites that are available in-store and in the O’Dell’s online shop

From O'Dell's: Made in London copper planter by Pikku Potin

From O’Dell’s: Made in London copper planter by Pikku Potin

From O'Dell's: Honest - Yuzu candle

From O’Dell’s: Honest – Yuzu candle

From O'Dell's: Outpost Large Leather Key Ring

From O’Dell’s: Outpost Large Leather Key Ring

From O'Dell's: Rough Diamond Cage - Old Gold

From O’Dell’s: Rough Diamond Cage – Old Gold

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“Blink” New designers: Georgia Hardinge, AW’15

Georgia Hardinge 'Fragment' collection, AW'15. #LFW #BlinkLondon

Georgia Hardinge ‘Fragment’ collection, AW’15

After watching that Dior video about the making of the latest couture collection, I have a new respect for beautifully pleated garments. I think that may have been what initially drew me to the Georgia Hardinge showcase at London Fashion Week. Her collection, titled ‘Fragment’, features some stunningly and innovatively pleated styles blended in with sharp cut and graphically detailed pieces. This collection feels both tough and uncompromising as well as soft and subtle. It’s that brilliant contrast that drives this young British designer’s signature take on modern femininity.

We asked Georgia about the inspiration behind “The fragment collection” and here’s her response:

“The collection is based on mirroring, reflection and shattered fragments of glass and distorted objects. The pleats and print designs are a reflection of shattered glass and we play with this concept throughout the look book.”


Georgia Hardinge 'Fragment' collection, AW'15. #LFW #BlinkLondon

Georgia Hardinge ‘Fragment’ collection, AW’15. This skirt is my personal favourite piece

Georgia Hardinge 'Fragment' collection, AW'15

Georgia Hardinge ‘Fragment’ collection, AW’15

Georgia Hardinge 'Fragment' collection, AW'15

Georgia Hardinge ‘Fragment’ collection, AW’15

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