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“Blink” Inspiration: Barbara Hepworth, part 1

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Several months back I was invited to an exhibition preview for the upcoming Barbara Hepworth exhibition at Tate Britain. I love her work so was very excited to hear that they were staging an exhibition as I have never seen more than a handful of her sculptures together at any one time.

As it was months in advance of the show opening, instead of having the exhibition all ready to be viewed they instead gave us a a pre-show teaser in the shape of this wonderful vintage film about the artist. It is 50’s through and through, from Hepworth and her personal style to the music, the colour levels and the narration by poet Cecil Day Lewis. How wonderful to see this amazing sculptor at work.

I love this film so much and thought you’d enjoy seeing an excerpt from it too, just to get you in the mood as the exhibition is opening at the end of this month. Tate Britain will be showing over 70 of Hepworth’s most significant works, of various scales and materials, in the first London based retrospective for over fifty years.

It’s sure to be influential and impactful so not to be missed as far as we’re concerned.

The exhibition details:

Opens on 24th June, until 25th October 2015 at Tate Britain in the Linbury Galleries

Admission £16.30 (£14.50 concessions)or £18.00 (£16.00 concessions) with Gift Aid donation

Open daily 10.00 – 18.00

For public information call +44 (0)20 7887 8888, visit, or follow @tate #Hepworth

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Inspiration: The end of an era…

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Don’t panic! This isn’t the announcement of a total end of everything Blink, but it is the end of a part of our business. Sorry for the recent radio silence but we have been in deep and intense meetings about this business of mine and we have come up with some decisions…

Blink London was founded as a reporting service, delivering targeted, swift and informed fashion retail news from London to the fashion industry around the world. The reports were conceived after spending years as a time-poor designer working in an increasingly demanding and speedy industry. I wanted to give designers just like me some brilliantly functional tools to allow them to feel inspired  and informed right from the comfort of their desks. Well, for the last ten years or so we have managed to do that, working closely with our wonderful agents all around the world. However, with the increasing level of free information and inspiration via the world wide web (and blogs just like this one!), teamed with the total global domination of the industry giant that is WGSN (and Stylesight) that we have decided to close the doors on this part of our business.

Oouuff, it’s been a tough decision for me as I don’t like to walk away from anything, but we have fought and struggled and worked our little bums off for long enough and it’s now it’s time to let the curtain fall on that part of Blink London so that we can instead focus all of that creative energy on the remaining parts. One of which is my passion project, this gorgeous blog and all of it’s attending social media activity (which will get more gorgeous, more posts, more love). The second part of Blink is the teaching and lecturing that I do for some of the most respected fashion education establishments as well as the Blink London Blogging and Social Media workshops (of which we are very proud), and I hope to be doing lots and lots more of this.

Blink London's 'Intro to Blogging and Social Media' workshop, learn about blogging, social media, London based blogging class, fashion blogging, lifestyle blogging, beauty blogging

Blink London’s ‘Intro to Blogging and Social Media’ workshop

The third and final part of what we do is perhaps the part that you know least about. That’s because we work as creative consultants to the fashion industry. Perhaps you saw the recent post about our lovely client, Iffley Road? Well, we work with several other brands as their design team as well as dipping in and out of businesses all around the world delivering our view for future seasons, forecasting trends for specific areas of their businesses and helping them to redirect their brands in to exciting pastures new.

If you are looking for deeply skilled creatives to work with you and your fashion or lifestyle brand, then take a look at this and please do drop us a line as we would be delighted to talk to you. Just email me at

Blink London Creative Consultancy, fashion design, design consultancy

Blink London Creative Consultancy

Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Inspiration: Iffley Road’s Icons

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

You may know me as a fashion blogger, but actually my ‘day job’ is as a fashion designer and creative consultant. One of the brands that I am currently honoured to be working with is the brilliant British runningwear brand, Iffley Road. I am the design element of this business, helping Bill and Claire, Iffley Road’s founders, turn their concepts, thoughts and aesthetic ideals into reality. That reality is a perfectly refined, functional, modern yet somewhat elegant collection of items to make up the perfect running wardrobe.

My first pieces for them have just gone live on the Iffley Road online shop, and will also be on Mr Porter and on the shelves in Barneys New York. Very, very exciting times. I must say that the creative consultancy relationship is a wonderful one when you have clients like Iffley Road. They have a clear vision, a clear call to action when developing new styles, and a very strong aesthetic. They don’t just express that aesthetic through the product, wonderful packaging and great branding. They also express it in very artistic ways, like the current limited edition, anniversary running top featuring artwork by graphic artist Richard Mitchelson, and also like this wonderful animated film.

To celebrate the anniversary of the world’s first sub 4 minute mile ran by Roger Bannister on 6 May 1954, Iffley Road commissioned British animator, Hugo Glover, to create a piece dedicated to some of the Icons of British Running, past and present. It is a lovely thing, whether you are an avid runner or not. Please also take a look at the film “Behind the Icons” to see how the animation was made, showing all of the intense creative work that went in to this film.

If you’d like to know more about our creative consultancy services, just look here.

Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Inspiration: AW’15 Forecaste

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

We set out to create a set of simple show reviews from our favourite AW’15 London shows, but as we were going through all of the coverage we got distracted. You see, it’s impossible to select looks from the shows without feeling a certain mood or inspiration coming through, noticing iterations on certain silhouettes, proportions, textiles, colours and patterns.

Please be assured that those show reviews are coming, and there are some exciting steps forward in the handwriting of many of the London labels to see, but before we get there we’d like to share with you what we are now feeling rather fixated upon. It’s pretty easy to pick out a period of reference as a style shorthand when forecasting, but when we looked at these shows it all became far more specific than that. We felt that many of the labels, as diverse as they are, looked to have been inspired by the very particular design aesthetic of the Vienna Secession and the Wiener Werkstatte.

Blink London AW15 fashion forecast, Wiener Werkstatte, Vienna Sucession, fashion trends, fashion inspiration

Blink London AW15 forecast: Wiener Werkstatte

The Wiener Werkstatte was a group of multidisciplinary studios and workshops in Vienna who’s focus was on living in and with art in every aspect of life. They spanned about 30 years from just before 1900, and so this group explored design aesthetics that incorporated both Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Their use of pattern and form was bold, linear and really utterly innovative, from architecture to fashion.

If you’d like to explore this groups work then look at Josef Hoffmann, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. For a muse, Klimt’s model and life partner, fashion designer and businesswoman, Emilie Floge, who is featured on our moodboard top centre, and bottom right of centre, is the perfect candidate. While this innovation was happening in Vienna, running parallel to this group and creating a quite similar aesthetic were the amazing Glasgow School of Art focussed artists and designers like Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

I hope you can see why we have headed off on this particular tangent when you see the show coverage we’ll be posting! You can also see quite a bit of late 60’s, Prada-esque ‘ugly beauty’ and lots of wonderful craft feeling embroidery and textile manipulation.

Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” London Fashion Week: Our View, Overview

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

We’ve been deeply discussing our overall experience of London Fashion Week, looking at what stood out for us in a ‘big messages’ kinda way, and it seems that this AW15 LFW has been all about extremes. Yes, London is known for pushing the creative envelope to its outer limits, but this is something more than that. This is about extreme opposites of ethics, approach, vision and execution.

On one side of these opposing parties are those brands, designers, labels that are pushing forward into the future of fashion, somewhat in line with the vision expressed in ‘The Next Black’, which you can see here in our post from September’s LFW. These visionaries are delivering product made in brand new ways, with new technologies, blending traditional craft skills with a new view of craft that incorporates 3D printing (watch out for out Larissa Hadjio post) and taking traditional techniques are using them in fresh ways (watch out for our Georgia Hardinge post).

This is the side that we are sticking with, that we are loving and supporting. This is the side that includes designers like Christopher Kane who season on season deliver us a new take on femininity, a fresh view on surface pattern and who embraces innovative textiles and construction techniques.

Christopher Kane, AW15 (image with thanks to

Christopher Kane, AW15 (image with thanks to

This is the side where Mary Katrantzou can be experimental, creating a new view of beauty. Where she can create her very unique aesthetic all around new digital printing techniques, and then drive that forward to deliver a brand new take on surface interest in a fresh, bold and geometric, 3 dimensional way.

Mary Katrantzou, AW15 (image with thanks to

Mary Katrantzou, AW15 (image with thanks to

On the opposing side are a shockingly large number of labels who were showing real fur with utter abandon, in quantities that we have never seen before in the British fashion industry. We were left feeling very conflicted when a few of the labels that we regularly feature and have loved for the longest time, included this inexcusable material in their AW15 offer. Actually this feels like a continuation of several social media conversations we’ve had with Brit brands over the past few months, where we’ve called them out on their use of fur and asked them about their sourcing policy, only to be pretty much shut down in a public forum and invited to contact them directly, privately. Hmm, if you don’t feel able to publicly discuss your controversial choice of materials, then perhaps you need to consider those choices a little more deeply?

For us this is very firmly the opposite camp to those wonderful fashion innovators as it represents a carelessness, a very old-fashioned viewpoint and a lack of ‘big picture’ thinking. These are the fashion ‘backsliders’. These are labels that seemingly haven’t taken the time to investigate that perhaps there are better, more ethical and more effective materials to work with. These are the labels that need to take on board that luxe comes in many guises, that fashion is not relevant if it is without a conscience and without a thorough, well thought though set of decisions behind it. Remember angora-gate?

There is a trend for using real fur as a trim on accessories. How little regard must you have for the creature to use real fur to create utterly pointless clip on pom-poms for your shoes? Taking this natural material, then dying it bright, bold, dayglo colours makes even less sense to us when you can create that look brilliantly, Shrimps style, using fabulous faux fur?!?

Shrimps, we love you and your brilliantly bonkers AW’15 collection by the way, showing just how exciting and innovative fake can look. We think all of you fur wearing fashionistas and all of you fur using fashion brands need to take a leaf out of this young Brit brand’s book.

Shrimps, AW15 (image with thanks to Dazed Digital)

fabulously faux from Shrimps, AW15 (image with thanks to Dazed Digital)

The future for fashion must be forward with innovation, approach and ethics. Are you with us?

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Inspiration: Teatum Jones, AW’15 preview

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Tomorrow Teatum Jones will be presenting their new season collection as part of London Fashion Week. Prior to that we are delighted to share an exclusive preview of what Rob Jones and Catherine Teatum have been inspired by for AW’15.

Here’s a corner of their moodboard, and some of their key words…

Teatum Jones AW15 Moodboard Snippet

Teatum Jones AW15 Moodboard Snippet

‘Speed, soul, grit, northern, exhilaration, aspiration, keeping your feet on the ground and your hearts in the air’

Knowing this gifted pair, the show is bound to be supported by an amazing soundtrack too. I’m expecting the music to have something to do with Gloria Jones as she seems to be the TJ muse for this season, even dropping in to their studio last week to meet the team. I wonder if she’ll make a personal appearance tomorrow too?

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Inspiration: The Making of a Dior Couture Dress

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

There are no words I can add. Just watch and be awed by the beauty of Dior Couture.

Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Inspiration: vintage at Portobello Market

Monday, February 2nd, 2015


Portobello Market, West London

Portobello Market, West London

Due to the luck of having an early appointment just off of Portobello Road on Friday morning, I got to indulge in what used to be one of my favourite pastimes; a mooch through Portobello market.  Friday’s the best day to see fantastic vintage here, so if you are looking for some fashion inspiration then this is the day for you. On Saturdays it all gets a bit Camden…

I only had a brief wander through from the Golborne Road end down to the undercover market and yet I came across all sorts of gorgeous and unique potential purchases. As it is, I managed to restrain myself to buying a small collection of Victorian postcards and some floral-themed cigarette cards- both a bargain after some negotiation.

Portobello Market, West London, vintage apothecary bottles, London market

Portobello Market, West London

Portobello Market, West London, vintage textiles, fashion inspiration

Portobello Market, West London

Portobello Market, West London, vintage ribbons, vintage haberdashery

Portobello Market, West London

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” 2015 Predictions: All Tied Up

Friday, January 30th, 2015

When we’ve been out and about doing our retail research, there has been an un-ignorable addition to the accessories offer right across the fashion map. I think it’s safe to say that we will all be tying one on for Spring Summer. Yes, folks we are talking about the return of the silk scarf. I know that we have posted about this a couple of times before, here about the Jason Wu silk squares for St Regis, and here about Emma Greenhill’s sumptuous silk scarves, but there is still more to be shared with you on this very important topic!

Here are some shots that we have grabbed when out around town over the last few weeks. I think you’ll agree that this is pretty strong evidence that silk scarves have got the accessories department all wrapped up… (sorry couldn’t resist!). There are a multitude of ways to rock your scarf too. If you aren’t quite convinced that a full on headscarf is for you, then why not try a more subtle cuff tie or a shoe with a scarf inspired tie (both by Dior)?

Scarves: big fashion news for Spring Summer 2015

Scarves: big fashion news for Spring Summer 2015

Across the top, from left to right we have Louis Vuitton, Kenzo and Chanel. In the mid row we have Dior and Dolce and Gabbana. In the bottom row is Miu Miu, Dior and Fendi.

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Enjoy! Lucy

“Blink” Inspiration: Christopher Kane, pre Fall 2015

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Does anyone else feel like the fashion industry is on an inspiration overload just now? I can’t recall a January being this show-heavy before. We’ve had womenswear pre-Autumn. We’ve had menswear Autumn ’15 which featured quite a few womenswear looks too (check out this post). And right now we are in the midst of the couture shows. Oh, and in a few weeks we’ll start the round of international fashion weeks for womenswear AW’15. Phew, I’m exhausted just being an observer, but imagine how the design teams are all feeling!

Even though these labels have had to deliver collection upon collection in quick succession (I particularly feel for those that do womenswear, menswear and couture!), there has been no lack of amazing, inspired and innovative looks to be dazzled by. We’ll be featuring just a few from various of our favourites, and today we kick things off with Christopher Kane pre Fall ’15.

This is a brand with a super strong, well-clarified handwriting. Christopher Kane stands for tough elegance mixed with urban boldness, a graphic approach to pattern and embellishment teamed with a wonderful eye for proportion, highlighted by a clever mixture of textiles. This collection reflects that mood while still taking the concept forward.

I will actually be showing this collection to my LCF fashion design students in February. It’s a perfect example of how a designer evolves ideas throughout a collection. You can almost see the steps from style to style taking place, from black, through pink, into lace and then florals. Tone on tone delineation into colour blocking, into high contrast graphically placed embellishment.

Here are some of my favourite looks form the show, but we encourage you to get on to (where we swiped these images from, with thanks) to check out the full offer.

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

Christopher Kane, pre-Fall 2015

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