Colour Palettes- Jaded

We are feeling excited about tonal dressing. It just looks so right. Put together and considered without feeling over done. This picture is of our pal, Charlotte. She’s often a little shot of inspiration for us so we thought it only right that she should have a palette dedicated to her creativity.

This palette of aqua blues and greens looks deliciously fresh. The colour pop from her accessories just sets the look off, adding an element of colour surprise. Build up layers of intense tonality with cool pool (pantone 13-5313 TPX), carib blue (15-4825 TPX), Veronica Lake (18-4930 TPX), peacock (18-4525 TPX) and spring green (17-5633 TPX). Add some juicy colour pops with highlights of glow (17-1635 TPX) and rosey pink (16-3116 TPX).

Click here for more beautiful, pantone referenced colour palettes.




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