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Daughter ‘Numbers’ is Blink London’s Music Monday

Perfectly suiting today’s moody weather, our #MusicMonday choice is Daughter‘s ‘Numbers’, taken from their just released new album ‘Not to Disappear‘. Daughter has a sound that is so unique, so very deeply emotive that it is utterly unmistakable. Much of that is due to the hauntingly lilting, breathy vocals from Elena Tonra, but it is also how Tonra’s vocal style is set against the complex and emotive musical backdrop created by bandmates Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella. The slightly tortured, echo-filled sound that this three piece creates is kind of filmic in it’s vastness, but if that film was of your strangest dreams.

I never, ever tire of Daughter’s music and every time I hear it, there’s something more to be noticed, a fresh subtlety to be uncovered, and the new album delivers that across every single track. If you are new to the delights of this British band, then ‘Numbers’ is a wonderful introduction to their sound. There’s wonder in the darkness and heartbreak of Daughter’s signature style that actually takes me right back to 80’s Brit indie bands like This Mortal Coil. There is an absolute beauty in the lush darkness of Daughter that we adore. Can’t have the light without it right?

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