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Fashion Forecasting from Blink London: Altruism

So if you caught our posts yesterday we promised a fresh approach in 2016, and that extends to our fashion forecasting practices too. We usually start the year with some insights in to colour, form, materials, design reference points to shine a light on the way fashion is moving forward in to the seasons ahead. Well this time around we are feeling far more strongly for something more subtle, something more contemplative, something more cerebral perhaps.

We are talking about something more akin to a mental and emotional intention. We have enjoyed how fashion is becoming less about the quick fix, the buzz of making that new purchase, the immediacy of the ‘haul’ high, and more about the process, the impact, the meaning, the personal symbolism. To reflect that fact we have chosen some words that we think reflect fashions process now; reflects how designers, makers and retailers are feeling now; how you are engaging with all of the stages involved in making your fashion purchases emerge from a concept to a real product that adorns your body.

Here’s our first in a series that we hope you’ll find thought provoking in the upcoming weeks…Altruism, fashion forecasting, 2016 fashion trends, Blink London, fashion blog




disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. “unselfishness, opposite of egoism,” from the French altruisme, autrui“of or to others,” and from Latin alteri, “other”.

We feel that this is a key word for our world of fashion, encouraging us to think about the source of all the materials used in making a product, all of the people who have been involved in every stage of turning an idea in to a reality, the impact that this product has had ecologically as well as economically.
As a brand is creating collections, the altruistic element will be more to the forefront of their thought process than ever before when considering their customer too. How will this enhance this individual’s life, their comfort, their needs and their unique self expression.
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