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Fashion Forecasting from Blink London: Authenticity

In our last forecasting post we talked about the all-encompassing importance of passion. Your collections must be built from a place of altruism, created out of clever cooperation, intended to be seasonally resilient, and feel energised by your passion. Behind everything though must be our next forecasting focus. Next we talk about authenticity.Authenticity, fashion forecasting, 2016 fashion trends, Blink London, fashion blog

This is how you stand out from your close competition. This is how you respond to the seasonal trends in your own unique way. This is how you build a loyal customer base. This is how you create a consistent brand identity, fit out your shops, create your advertising campaign, set the tone of your management style, communicate across your social media channels. You will have utter clarity if everything comes from a place of authenticity.

Of course you must have a brand statement that is fully formed and well defined so you understand what your authenticity is. What is your raison d’etre? What drove your business to be created in the first place? What is the unique need that you alone fulfil? Of course this should evolve over time as markets change, as your business develops, but the heart of what you stand for, your purest authenticity, should remain the same at all times.

In addition to what authenticity means for a brand, we must also look at the absolute importance of the authenticity of how your product is created. Part of this can be rooted in your brand identity (the tradition of where your brand was born), and expressed through the craft employed in making your product- which in turn informs your brand’s identity. But in a more tangible way, the expression of care that comes with a product that has been crafted using authentic techniques, authentic materials, developed from authentically historical reference points is so very important. Not only does this ensure that you are delivering something unique, you are also delivering something of value that encompasses all of those key forecasting directions that we have already identified.

The way forward is not about more for mores sake. It is about doing less but doing each thing better, with more care, more consideration and more honour. There is a joy in that which will give you and your customer untold pleasure.

This is the final part of our series of predictions. I do hope that you are feeling inspired. We are and we are very excited to see what the next round of collections have to offer.

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