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Fashion Forecasting from Blink London: Resilience

Yesterday on the blog we focussed our forecasting view on altruism. Today we have a new forecast focus…Resilience, fashion forecasting, 2016 fashion trends, Blink London, fashion blog




the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. The capability to recover size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress. An ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

Resilience is a good quality to foster in yourself, perfect to deal with the stresses of life in general when you look closely at the definition. It’s that elasticity element that is key here. Resilience is not a rigid, hard thing. As a designer in the fashion industry I know first hand about resilience. It’s quite a tough call having to present your ideas to scrutiny by committee. You have to be flexible, open-minded and of course brave, but above all you must be resilient as you’ll have to get up in front of that same committee time after time.

From a brand perspective, resilience equals longevity, and again that flexibility is key. Take the stresses and pressure of a changing environment, competition and customer and allow those things to help shape you, strengthen you, keep you on your toes, clarify your beliefs and character. Fluidity, openness, responsiveness all sit perfectly well within our view of resilience.

From a product view, resilience is a must. We don’t mean that everything must be tough and strong. Who wants a silk blouse that feels like a pair of jeans? Resilience is about creating product that will work through more than just a passing fashion fad. Considerate design, a view to your brands values and the reality of wear should all combine to create product that is fit for purpose, and perhaps even has that ‘after purpose’ re-purposing or ‘afterlife’ concept planned in too.

We hope that you are enjoying our fresh take on forecasting for this season, feeling the picture we are starting to build. There will be another piece added to this puzzle tomorrow. In the meantime, for more forecasting posts, take a look here.

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