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Happy New Year!

Well its the official first day back at work for most of us today so this is a quickie to help you through your first Monday morning of 2016, as well as for us to set the scene for our upcoming blog posts.

Tim Walker image, swiped from Pinterest with thanks, black and white fashion image, fashion photography, vintage luggage, Pinterest, fashion blog, Blink London

Tim Walker image, swiped from Pinterest with thanks

We chose this image to as all of us at Blink Towers are feeling the need to put down our mental (and physical in some cases!) baggage and start the new year with space to think freshly, respond in new ways and approach our daily working lives and our personal lives in a new way, setting new patterns. We thought maybe you might be feeling the same?

Rather than any New Years Resolutions we are going to try New Day resolutions and see if that works for us better. Less chance of resolution fail guilt that way too I hope! The though is that these little daily things mount up and cumulatively might have a bigger overall effect.

Aside from that being a personal mission, we have also applied that to Blink London Consultancy ltd as a whole. We restructured the business late last year so that we cab focus more on the parts of the business that we love the most- the creative consultancy, teaching and this blog of ours. we hope that you can feel the little changes we are making, as well as soon see some of the bigger changes too.

We are looking forward to having you along for the ride as we continue in our mission to inspire and inform all of our readers, followers, friends and partners across all of our channels.

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