Inspiration: A Field of Dreams

What a whirlwind on the “Blink” blog this week. First we posted about Peckham, then we were in Copenhagen and now we have a post from sunny East Sussex. Will the glamor never end!

As tweeted on Monday, I was up bright and early on Tuesday to head down to Ardingly. I know you’re thinking what could be in a small and twee country village to get me out of a cozy bed and away from the computer for a day. Well, something special let me tell you!

Ardingly is fast becoming less of the insider secret that it once was. Its a massive antiques trade fair with over 1,500 stalls set through the fields and sheds of the South of England Showground. I come from a long line of rummagers, negotiators and eagle eyed spotters- better known as antique dealers to the general public- so this is my idea of heaven. Its a great place to find inspiration in things you didn’t even expect to strike a chord with you. Suddenly you realize that those really massive, clunky German pottery vases in strange, bright glazes are really quite beautiful, or maybe its about a fantastic graphic spotted on a retro Belgian poster. There is more direct fashion inspiration if required too, with many stalls specializing in textiles, amazing historical clothing and accessories. Its a very tempting place so I would use a phrase of my Grandmother’s “Keep your hand on your ha’penny” (actually I’m not sure she was talking about money, but anyway…). If you are set for a spend up, cash is king, but many stalls take a cheque and even credit cards!

Here are some shots of things we thought were beautiful and inspirational, and some of them even came home with us…

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Click here for more “Blink” inspiration.

Enjoy and do let us know what you think! Lucy

6 thoughts on “Inspiration: A Field of Dreams

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  2. Hey Olivia, the next one is in September. Follow the Ardingly link on the post to get all of the details. Be there just gone 8am!

  3. “Keep your hand on your ha’penny” hahaha! Haven’t heard that for a while….!!! Great blog, love a bit of a rummage at Ardingly myself!

  4. Another brilliant post. Looks like an incredible place. Loving the blog. Thanks!

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