Knitwear- Autumn in June

Cricky, it seems that Summer has finally arrived..

Well, we say finally, but actually we’ve only been waiting a few weeks here in London as June is usually the beginning of the warm weather. It just feels like we’ve been waiting for ages as we’ve been reporting on Summer product in the stores since April. Fashion sets its own racing pace. Just as Summer gets here the stores are all on sale, slashing prices on product that the general public are actually only just now feeling ready to wear. No one ever said fashion had to make sense!

What we certainly aren’t ready to wear is Autumn product in 32 degrees of steamy heat. That hasn’t deterred retailers from starting to roll out the Autumn 2010 collections. Early on the uptake was Chanel. We spotted this when retailing Sloane Street, contemplating which flavour Magnum would be best to cool us down. This sweater, although absolutely lovely, didn’t help us feel any less ‘glowing’ (ladies don’t sweat you know!). We had just got over the shock when we passed the stunning Louis Vuitton windows which featured flannel slacks and a long haired fur shrug…

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Chanel early Autumn 2010 product

1 thought on “Knitwear- Autumn in June

  1. its making me feel hot just looking at this pic! At least she’s trouser-less… but a big wooly wrap as well? Crazy!

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