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meet Hesper Fox, a new luxe loungewear brand

Kristi Edwards, founder of Hesper Fox, nightwear, London Fashion Week, new British brand, silk, luxury fashion, fashion blog, Blink Lonodn

Kristi Edwards, founder of Hesper Fox

During London Fashion Week, aside from all of the ‘on schedule’ and official car park based events, there are lots of great additional shows, presentations and opportunities to discover new, innovative and exciting things. One such event was a small gathering at the Groucho. We discovered two new labels, Hockin and Hesper Fox. Both beautifully detailed and highly considered womenswear labels- but from very different angles, aesthetics and experience.

We’re starting with Hesper Fox. This is a new, London-based luxury lounge and sleepwear range which will launch this December. Each piece in the nine-piece debut collection effortlessly mixes and matches so you can create your own perfect combination. Personally, although the concept is about something more intimate, I think the kimono style robe would make perfect Summer daywear too…

The softly tailored collection is all 100% silk charmeuse, and is exquisitely detailed with french seams and mother of pearl buttons.

Hesper Fox, nightwear, London Fashion Week, new British brand, silk, luxury fashion, fashion blog, Blink London

Hesper Fox

Hesper Fox, nightwear, London Fashion Week, new British brand, silk, luxury fashion, fashion blog, Blink London

Hesper Fox

We met Kristi, Hesper Fox’s founder at the LFW event and she very kindly agreed to a quick interview.

Blink: What lead you to launch a luxury nightwear collection?

Hesper Fox: I decided to launch Hesper Fox following a light bulb moment one Christmas morning, amongst the champagne and early-start mince pies. My husband had given me a pair of silk PJs but commented that he had searched high and low to find me something that I (and not just he) would love; something bold and luxurious that sat away from the very lingerie-driven styles and the cutesy-pie printed sets that don’t feel so cutesy-pie post-teen.

Blink: What is it about silk that made you choose it as your main material?

Hesper Fox: The way is falls, how flattering it is, how beautiful it is to wear and how loudly it speaks of luxury.

Blink: Who is your style icon?

Hesper Fox: I am a big fan of strong, bold women who walk their own line. I don’t have just one as I have to confess my own style borders on schizophrenic – my head always says grown-up, minimal black, lots of denim and “keep it simple” (and that’s where I generally end up) but my heart LOVES a clash of print and colour. There are so many women I admire; Lauren Hutton’s beautiful pared-back 70s style, Katharine Hepburn’s chisel-featured androgynous look, anything Charlotte Rampling did or wore in front of a camera in the late 60s and 70 was perfect, Julianne Moore’s red carpet looks are pretty tough to beat and Cate Blanchett always strikes the most perfect balance between interesting and elegant.

Blink: Who do you see as you ideal client when you’re designing the collection?

Hesper Fox: A woman with an eye to quality, who likes a modern take on classic shapes and wants her at-home look to more closely echo what she shows the outside world – she doesn’t think that chic should stop just because the front door is closed.

Blink: What was your main aim when creating this collection?

Hesper Fox: I wanted to create a sleep and loungewear range that was most definitely luxurious, felt beautiful to wear and was comfortable to lounge and sleep in but also, that would work extra hard. I have designed the range using non-sleepy prints and bold, fearless colourways and have cut the shapes such that Hesper Fox will also hold some crossover appeal. A number of the pieces will comfortably undertake double-duty when paired with other ready-to-wear wardrobe staples, away from the comfort of home. For example, the Astrid shorts make an excellent, luxe beach cover up, the Eos trousers are lovely with barely-there tops for suppers out (but look just as good with a cashmere sweater), the Endymion robe is a perfect travelling companion – being silk, it rolls into nothing – and the Nyx camisole is great with a pair of denim shorts and some espadrilles for long, lazy lunches or as a layering piece with sharp tailoring for cocktails.

Blink: Where does the brand name come from?

Hesper Fox: Hesper is a girl’s name that I have always loved. It means ‘the night star’ or the planet Venus at night, derived from Greek mythology where the Hesperides was the collective name of the nymphs of the evening and golden light of sunset. I wanted to create a persona so I had to give Hesper a last name. I chose Fox because they’re nocturnal, very social, beautiful, fleet-of-foot and super-smart.

Blink: Is the label true to your initial vision or has it evolved and changed at all?

Hesper Fox: I had a pretty clear vision of how I wanted the brand to look and feel as I set out to create something that was a different to what was already on offer. I also knew I wanted Hesper Fox to have a certain tone of voice – I wanted it to be a grown-up and stylish but not to take itself too seriously – classic with a twist

Blink: What can we expect in the future from Hesper Fox?

Hesper Fox:  I am currently working on the prints and colourways for the next collection for AW16 and will work on introducing new styles next year also.

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