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The “Blink London” blog

We have created our blog to add a more instant angle to our reporting service, and also to share the “Blink” view with the world at large. If you subscribe to our reports, then we hope that this will show you imagery that wasn’t contained in your particular report, and perhaps spark a moment of creative brilliance. If you aren’t a subscriber to our reports, then this will give you some insight in to Blink’s world.

We sometimes post sponsored content, but will always make it clear when this is the case. If you’re interested in working with us on a sponsored basis, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you like our style, we’d also be delighted to discuss writing content for your publication or social media site.

We accept samples and product or services for review, but we reserve the right to not post on a sample, product or service received should we decide that it isn’t appropriate for our readership. The opinions expressed on the “Blink London” blog, whether the post is sponsored or not, will always be wholly our own and as honest as our manners will allow.

We also host adverts and videos on our blog. If you’re interested in advertising with us or in us hosting your video campaign, then we have a range of packages available that suit most brands and budgets that we’d be delighted to discuss with you.

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“Blink London” Retail Reporting

“Blink London” is about providing insight into what’s happening in the fast fashion womenswear market. Our retail reports are London focused, but will also share great inspiration from other destinations occasionally. Through our reporting service, we create a regular, clear and concise view of innovation in the trend-driven fashion market, from high end to high street. 100’s of images are collated by product and sifted by trend direction. We absolutely save our clients time and money, enabling them to create commercially viable product with confidence.

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“Blink London” Creative Consultancy

Our team are deeply involved with the fashion industry, from forecasting and colour work, designing product, through production expertise to teaching and lecturing at some of the most prestigious fashion educational establishments. We offer you our creative intelligence to support you, your team and your fashion mission. Are you are start up or an established brand requiring a fresh viewpoint or some additional support? We can help.

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Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you,

Lucy, Founder and Creative Director