Pattern- Beyond Iconic, Beyond Biba

We have swiped this post from Arren William’s brilliant interiors oriented blog, with his permission of course. If you’d like to see the full article in its original form click here… We just couldn’t resist posting this for you. Barbara Hulanicki is a design genius who has been influencing various creative industries since she opened her groundbreaking brand and retail concept, Biba, in the 60’s. ‘Inspirational’ doesn’t even begin to cover it!

“You possibly won’t stumble across too many folks who have launched a capsule fashion collection for TopShop, as well as rustled up a stunner of a wallpaper line (all gorgeously flocked) for Graham & Brown and designed the interiors of a slew of hotels in Miami, let alone had someone write a musical based on your life, and had a documentary about you debut to rave reviews. I’m talking fashion and design icon Barbara Hulanicki, who first stepped into the spotlight in the mid-Sixties when she opened the doors on Biba – her incredibly influential Kensington based boutique, and who kindly said yes to answering 5 quick questions.”

Arren Williams: What’s inspiring you right now?

Barbara Hulanicki: The tropical weather and Indian bone inlayed furniture.

AW: Is there anything you hate to see when you walk into a room?

BH: A white sofa.

AW: What’s the next thing you have your eye on for your own house?

BH: A Colombian sisal rug which has a silver metallic weave.

AW: How would you describe your style, and has it changed over the years?

BH: I am very eclectic. I become a chameleon with each client or project.

AW: What’s next for you?

BH: I would love to start coordinated Biba Home shops!

Barbara Hulanicki

Barbara Hulanicki

skulls flock wallpaper
antoinette flock wallpaper

3 thoughts on “Pattern- Beyond Iconic, Beyond Biba

  1. creative genius! Didn’t know she was doing wallpaper. I think I prefer these to the Westwood designs.

  2. Great but short interview. Loving the skull wallpaper. I will make sure I catch Arren’s blog from now on!

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