Pattern- Mini Floral, Maxi Impact

So now we have to step back in time slightly ‘cos we had some good stuff lined up for the blog which we set aside while covering London Fashion Week. Hope you don’t mind!

This is one from our Paris trip to attend PV and do a little inspirational retailing. We popped into Colette– well, it would have been rude not to! Actually, its a must unless you want to be the only bod in the whole global fashion industry not to have scrummed amongst the mannequins to try and divine the season’s key messages. This most important looks are featured in the store windows, and this time they had decided to showcase the brilliantly talented, London based designer, Erdem. His impeccable taste in pattern, microscopic attention to detail and innovative silhouettes all combine to create something really quite wonderful.

According to a few of the printers we spoke with who were showing at Indigo within PV, clients were returning from a trip to Colette excitedly purchasing every bit of artwork that closely resembled this look. Expect to see variations on this look from now into Spring Summer 2011…

Erdem in the window of Colette

Erdem in the window of Colette

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  1. I love this collection. Great designer. Some of the print is embroidered into too. Beautiful.

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