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Petite Meller is a special Blink #MusicMonday

Petite Meller, image swiped from her Bandcamp page with thanks, french music, new music, music blog, Blink London

Petite Meller, image swiped from her Bandcamp page with thanks

Today we feature not one but two videos in a #MusicMonday feature that is a bit of a departure from the Blink London norm. This time I must admit that the music is secondary to the artist as far as our decision to feature Petite Meller, a wee French style sensation.

I’m in love with Petite Meller’s style; and what a cute, nutty and fabulous style it is! Her videos look like a Tim Walker shoot come to life. From her makeup and styling to the crazy, weird dance routines. Her gangly silhouette teamed with those ‘naive meets pop art’ outfits adds a strange kind of childishness to her look- but then her stance, attitudes and expressions feel rather ‘knowing’. And oh those pink cheeks!

She is a shot of sunshine to both your eyes and your ears. To make sure that you can see just why we are so engaged by her, here are Petite’s two latest releases, Baby Love and Barbaric.

Are you in love too now after watching those two videos? For more of our musical posts, just take a look here.

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