Streetstyle: ‘In Fashion’ Focus, part 3

And here’s the final part of our East London streetstyle bonanza for this week. Some diverse looks and some diverse takes on the question “What does ‘in fashion’ mean to you?”. Feel free to share with us your thoughts on what ‘in fashion’ means to you too. Looking forward to hearing from you…

Brooke, Brick Lane "I go to charity shops in search of unique pieces of clothing. Of course I'm influnced by what's new but to be honest I think my clothes reflect who I am and what my mood is."

Verity, Broadway Market "I've just finished work. I don't take being 'in fashion' that seriously. I always wear black and then I have some fun on top of that."

Sophie (right) and Sam (left), Columbia Road Sophie: "I don't like to follow trends and fast changing fashion. I'm not a Topshop girl. I think the important thing about clothes is that they should reflect the person wearing them." Sam: "I think I feel the same way. Mix and match!"

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