“Blink” Retail: Burberry gets Technical

The other day I was researching a lecture that I was planning on brands and how they interact with social media. I chose Burberry as my case study because even though they celebrate their heritage and roots at every turn, they are also very possibly the most progressive of luxe labels when it comes to the way they interact using social media, constantly embracing new opportunities and also driving this field forward. I knew pretty much what Burberry had been up to in this field, and then I came across a new initiative that they had introduced at their AW’13 show in February. If you fell hard for any of the new coats or bags shown in that wonderful latex, skin printed and heart filled collection, you could order one (or ten?!) straight from the catwalk, with the additional free option to have your name engraved onto the metal coat tag or on the bag plate. Now that really is a bespoke service.

Aside from the joy of owning a piece of new season Burberry before the rest of the planet, and having it personalized to boot, each of these items will also feature some rather snazzy in-built technology. By passing your smart phone over the product, or by standing in front of special mirrors in the Regent Street store, you will reveal video footage showing your selected style’s journey from inception to production. Amazing.


This just leaves me wondering what on earth they’ll come up with next.

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