“Blink” Retail: Behind the Scenes with L’Agent

This is a post by way of thanks. Thank you Agent Provocateur for your new collection. Not only does L’Agent look like its a fantastic new addition to your offer, but it’s a better priced range too. Yes, sauce saucy smalls for all!
I would also like to thank you for bringing Miguel Angel into my life. Oouuff. Hello there sweet cheeks. And for the boys reading this, there is plenty of eye candy in this behind the scenes video for you too, directed by Penelope Cruz.
The discerning fashionista already knows how important the right underwear is. Whatever you are wearing over the top, a well-fitting bra and skimpies will not only change your silhouette but most importantly, they will also change the way you feel about yourself, and this will change the way you carry yourself. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the amazing power of good pants.


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