AW’11: New Season Coating

We’ve been collecting shots of great coats for the past month, but were distracted from sharing them with you due to all of the amazing LFW coverage we had to post. The high end stores of Mount Street, Bond Street, South Molton Street and Sloane Street have been spotlighting the most amazing outerwear, encouraging us to let go of all Indian Summer hopes and embrace the fact that Winter is coming, whether we like it or not.

This post focuses on all of the wonderfully shaggy shearling, textural and paneled looks we’ve been spotting. So whether you’re after a simple sheepskin number, or feeling for a variation on the traditional wool coat (well, actually its all wool of various sorts I suppose…), there are some really inspiring styles out there. Here are some of our favourite spots for you, and we may well have some other outerwear options to follow later in the week.

Alberta Ferretti


Dolce and Gabbana

Louis Vuitton


Roberto Cavalli

Sonia Rykiel

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Blink Retail: Baby, its (not) cold outside

According to fashion, Summer is history and Autumn is where it’s at…

Yes, we are in that frantic seasonal change over that leaves you feeling slightly out of step with reality. The stores are almost sold out of Summer sale stock and the shelves are rapidly being replenished with the first deliveries of Autumn. In many cases, these deliveries are not really what we in fashion fondly term ‘Buy now, wear now’. If they were there would be more summer dresses and a some gorgeous bikinis for the optimists amongst us who hope that July, August and even September might be scorching. These new season deliveries are in fact full of chunky knits, long sleeves, heavier weights, tweedy textiles and even the odd fur trim. If, like us, you are rather suggestible, you’ll actually be considering investing in that fabulously cabled, angora blend, long sleeved, high necked sweater- even though it could induce heat stroke if you wore it now- because it might just be sold out by the time you may actually really need it in, say, October.

Here are some of the gorgeous new season looks that we shot in store windows over the past week…

Alberta Ferretti

Bottega Veneta


Louis Vuitton

Balenciaga at Selfridges

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Blink Interviews: Felicity Brown

The final interview of the year, and dare we say that we may have left the best until last? No, we couldn’t possibly say that. It would be rude to the rest of our interviewees- but maybe this one is about the most ‘up and coming’ or the ‘most fashion exciting’…

The subject is the wonderful Felicity Brown. We first spotted her work at February’s LFW when her inaugural collection was shown as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout. We fell in love again when we saw her work at September’s Fashion Week as part of the NewGen designers. Have a look at our post on this great selection of talent, including the brilliant Felicity Brown.

Prior to launching her own collection, Felicity had designed for Alberta Ferretti, Loewe, Mulberry and, most recently, Lanvin. That’s an incredibly impressive CV to build up in a few years since graduating from the Royal College of Art. Her work seems to combine a certain fragility with a really modern feminine aesthetic that is utterly unique; as is Felicity’s working arrangements- she splits her time between her studio in East London and a wonderful atelier in the desert of Dubai.

Many thanks to Felicity, Henry and the team who made this interview possible. We are very grateful for the time that you gave us.

For you, what is the most important aspect of being a designer?
Having the amazing opportunity to create my own ideas.

How do you start developing a new season’s look?
I bury myself in lots of books and mountains of fabric

What project are you currently working on and how is it shaping up?
I am currently working on my A/W 2011 collection that’s very Bedouin inspired. It is looking a little wild right now and maybe a little too uncut but so far I am happy with it.

Which comes first for you, your personal aesthetic or general trends?
Personal aesthetic

What is currently inspiring you?
I have been looking at Central American masks. They are not pleasing to the eye but there is something appealing in the expression created out of all the contrasting elements.
I love the way that they mix up completely opposing things, like the way they fill the hair with crazy different elements and the extreme expression of the mask. They are so bizarre, so odd, I really like them.

Do you think that ethical and sustainable issues are at all relevant to what you do?
I wish they were but its currently only a wish because of the nature of the dresses, we are a small production. Its all very cottage industry at the moment.
But everything that has been made is hand made, from paper stenciling to hand dying and printing. All done in old traditional techniques giving the garments that look.

What or who are your longest standing design influences?
I admire Lanvin and Balenciaga

How would you describe the Felicity Brown aesthetic?

Any style secrets?
Keep it unfinished

Who would you like to collaborate with, past or present?
I would love something incredible like a day in Picasso’s studio and as for present, I would like to work with someone from a different discipline, like a painter.

What would you like your business to achieve in 5 years time?
To stay strong and true

Pencil and paper or computer and mouse?

Do you work differently in your Dubai and London studios?
Yes, in London you take it all in and absorb where as in the desert you can concentrate- it’s so still.

I feel most creative when…
When I’m buried in fabric.

Felicity Brown

Felicity Brown's Spring Summer 2011 collection

Felicity Brown's Spring Summer 2011 collection

Felicity Brown's Autumn Winter 2010 collection

Felicity Brown's Autumn Winter 2010 collection

Graphics: XOXO

‘XOXO’ in the immortal words of Gossip Girl. Sorry, but we couldn’t resist and it does seem the perfect way to introduce this selection of inspiration that we have lifted from our recent quarterly “Graphics” report. Its all about love related imagery, from variations on a simple heart to lipstick coated, kissable lips. We’re all about sharing the love so we wanted to share this inspiration with you. Enjoy!

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Alberta Ferretti

Rob Ryan at 'Pick Me Up'

Miss Sixty

Le Gun at 'Pick Me Up'


Mr Bingo at 'Pick Me Up'