“Blink” Retail: LBD’s, but the ‘B’ stands for bright!

Following on from yesterday’s homage to the classic ‘Little Black Dress’, today we swap the meaning of the ‘B’ and this time it stands for ‘Bright’! So, if a black dress is just a bit whatever for you, how about something with a bit more colour impact? Here are some of our favourite bold, bright looks spotted around London’s best retail addresses in the past week or so. Want to dress like a vast floral arrangement? No problem! An ice princess more your thing? We’ve got it covered. An 80’s body con attired popstrel? Look no further!

Sonia Rykiel

River Island

Miss Selfridge


River Island



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“Blink” Retail: LBD’s

As it’s party season, we’re being utterly spoilt by some stunning frocks out on the high street right now. The classic choice is, of course, the little black dress, and here are some of our favourites. From high end to mass market, this has got to be the fashion equivalent of a ‘sure thing’. These don’t look faddy, but they are all fashion relevant. Tempting enough to make you feel like you would really be missing out if you didn’t make a purchase, but with the longevity to be one of those things you could pull out of your wardrobe for season’s to come without feeling too out of step with the fashion moment.


All Saints




River Island

BCBG. OK, we know this isn't a dress but still...

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“Blink” Print: Spot On

You know things must be tough out there when the mid season sales seem to start before the season has even got under way, and the stores are rolling out Christmas windows before we’ve even had Halloween. At times like this, its a comfort to have elements in your collection that are ‘safe bets’. As a shopper, these will provide you with a bit of an extended fashion moment, so no need to panic that you’ll be over it before you’ve got some wear out of your purchase. One of the ‘safe bets’ that we absolutely love is the spotted print look. We were tired of seeing a sea of stripes (another super safe commercial option) and so this has provided us with a much needed distraction. Working from the catwalk interpretations from inspirational brands like Stella McCartney, right down the fashion food chain to the good old high street. If you’re not dotty about a simple polka dot, you can swap in stellar stars or why not go kitsch and quirky, replacing your spots with mini motifs like hearts or even animals?







Oxford Circus

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AW’11: New Season Coating

We’ve been collecting shots of great coats for the past month, but were distracted from sharing them with you due to all of the amazing LFW coverage we had to post. The high end stores of Mount Street, Bond Street, South Molton Street and Sloane Street have been spotlighting the most amazing outerwear, encouraging us to let go of all Indian Summer hopes and embrace the fact that Winter is coming, whether we like it or not.

This post focuses on all of the wonderfully shaggy shearling, textural and paneled looks we’ve been spotting. So whether you’re after a simple sheepskin number, or feeling for a variation on the traditional wool coat (well, actually its all wool of various sorts I suppose…), there are some really inspiring styles out there. Here are some of our favourite spots for you, and we may well have some other outerwear options to follow later in the week.

Alberta Ferretti


Dolce and Gabbana

Louis Vuitton


Roberto Cavalli

Sonia Rykiel

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London Fashion Week: Estethica Review

We are always excited to spend time in the Estethica section at London Fashion Week‘s Somerset House based exhibition. This season there was a great buzz as the great and the good of the international fashion pack attended the champagne brunch for the official launch of this season’s Monsoon sponsored selection of brands. To become part of the Estethica family, brands must be working with Fairtrade, organic and/or recycled and upcycled materials. Its an amazing opportunity for the best ethical fashion businesses to be showcased at the heart of London Fashion Week. Here we feature some of the brands that we particularly loved this season.

Estethica at London Fashion Week

Goodone is a contemporary womenswear brand with a distinctly London feel. Using pre and post consumer materials alongside new British textiles, all manufactured in the UK, they create a really energetic feel to the collection that features colour blocking and artfully mixed textures. Body con shapes offset oversized silhouettes. Bold brights interplay with softer neutrals. Thanks to the founder and creative director, Nin, who talked us through the AW’11 offer.

Goodone, worn well by the founder, Nin Castle

Partimi‘s AW’11 collection of poetic prints on soft and subtle silhouettes is a continuation from the theme of her first collection for SS’11 called ‘Dieu Bleu’. The Autumn collection is called ‘Garden’ and draws inspiration from childhood memories and lush winter gardens. Striking prints sit with sustainably sourced organic wool, silk and linen to create a soft and subtle yet luxurious offer. Thanks to Eleanor, the founder and designer of this label, for spending some time to talk us through the range. Do also check out Partimi’s stunning video showcasing the new collection.

Eleanor of Partimi with the AW'11 collection

Next to Partimi at Estethica, was Joanna Cave‘s collection of stunning jewellery. Joanna and Eleanor have been working together to accessorize the Partimi collection to great effect. Joanna’s collection of recycled silver and ethically sourced farmed pearls is produced in Athens where Joanna’s aim is to support an ancient, yet sadly dying tradition of expert jewellery making. The AW’11 collection is inspired by the delicateness of ballet, balanced with a strong Art Nouveau aesthetic which is particularly visible in the amazing headpieces.

Joanna Cave and her collection at Estethica

Joanna Cave's collection at Estethica

We also love the jewellery collection of Little Glass Clementine, the creation of Clementine James. We spotted her work first of all as part of Selfridges ‘Bright Young Things’. The AW’11 collection, titled ‘Beautifully Dismantled’ showcases a range of pieces that come with the unique history attached to the collection of found objects that are merged to create small pieces of accessories art. James takes what she calls “broken treasure” and gives them a new life in combination with carefully selected recycled materials including memorial china and discarded love notes.

Clementine James with the Little Glass Clementine collection

Lu Flux has developed her unique and wonderfully playful handwriting in a new direction for AW’11, channeling a sea style theme with her ‘Sea and be Seen’ collection. The Lu Flux collections are handmade in the UK, principally from carefully sourced vintage fabrics. The Autumn offer brings gorgeous tweeds, rich velvets and chunky wools into the mix with artfully sketchy embroideries of fantastical sea creatures. We particularly love the almost architectural shift dress with the clam inspired hemline!

Lu Flux with her collection at Estethica

Finally we have Michelle Lowe-Holder who’s AW’11 collection is a brilliant extension of her origami style, intricately folded accessories collection. This season plaids and prints layer into the collection, along with flashes of metallic foiled sections. The range is created from hand cut or crocheted pieces interlaced with off-cuts of previous collections, end of line ribbons and cuttings sourced from local factories. An additional layer of texture and colour is introduced with bold and bright flocking which has been applied to charity shop finds as well as pieces designed and created specifically by Lowe-Holder.

Michelle Lowe-Holder at London Fashion Week's Estethica exhibition

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London Fashion Week: Felicity Brown, AW ’11

As we mentioned in our London Fashion Week Overview, we were delighted to catch up with Henry and Felicity Brown again. This was for two very good reasons really. Firstly is that we were really excited to see where the Felicity had decided to take the collection. The SS’11 show was fabulous so it was really exciting to see how she had developed the collection on from there. The second reason is that they are two of the nicest people that we have come across within the fashion industry.

If you’d like more background on Felicity, do have a read of the interview with her that we posted a little while ago. It details what she was being inspired by when creating this AW’11 collection, so its great to see the results and have taken the journey with her full circle. Felicity Brown reinterprets her unique take on deconstruction for the AW’11 collection, incorporating inspiration from cubism and tribal markings, along with elements of striped back theatrical costume. Voluminous layer upon layer of raw edged textiles are balanced with strictly boned corsets laced up with cotton ribbons. Each piece is a work of art realized through her incredible artisanal approach.

Along with the dresses sits Felicity’s T shirt label, No 23, which this season integrates back to the dress collection through the use of the same colour palette and pattern inspiration. If  you’d like something from Felicity Brown’s collection to wear everyday, the T shirts are the perfect option and we have our eye on several!

Thanks to Felicity for spending so much time with us explaining her working practices and her design vision. Thanks to Henry for sending over these amazing images of the new collection.

Felicity Brown's AW'11 collection

Felicity Brown's AW'11 collection

Felicity Brown's AW'11 collection

Felicity Brown's AW'11 collection

Felicity Brown's AW'11 collection

Felicity Brown's AW'11 collection

Felicity Brown's AW'11 collection

Felicity Brown's AW'11 collection

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London Fashion Week- Clements Ribeiro give us ‘Romance, Darkly’

We were so lucky to have been given an invitation to the Clements Ribeiro show (thanks Dansoa!). For Autumn ’11 this husband and wife team presented an utterly beautiful collection. It was pure Clements Ribeiro joy from start to finish. Chic, refined, artfully intellectual and grown up without being at all fusty. We spoke briefly with Inacio Ribeiro after the show and he told us that both he and Suzanne were delighted with the collection this season. They had reconsidered their approach, refined their vision and crystallized their handwriting and this really shone through the 48 piece offer.

The lean silhouetted collection embraced their artful print handwriting, their passion for fine textiles and their skill with knitwear. Titled ‘Romance, Darkly’, tousled ponytailed models looked feminine yet strong, channeling a touch of period Russian hauteur, or was that just us? Something of ‘The Last Station‘ perhaps in the softly military detailing invoked by contrast frogging on softly tailored coats and jackets. Deliciously melting, ombre style print combined elements of brocade and animal print to great effect. We loved the jet beading, lacquered lace and brocade creating incredible depth in the black on black looks. The stack heeled Charlotte Olympia shoes and crochet looking lace tights were the perfect finishing touches.

Clements Ribeiro AW '11 show at London Fashion Week

Clements Ribeiro AW '11 show at London Fashion Week

Clements Ribeiro AW '11 show at London Fashion Week

Charlotte Olympia with her glamorous mother, Andrea Dellal, FROW at Clements Ribeiro

Clements Ribeiro AW '11 show at London Fashion Week

Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro interviewed post show

Charlotte Olympia for Clements Ribeiro show shoes

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London Fashion Week: February ’11 Somerset House Overview

Somerset House still looks beautiful through the drizzle, and the fashion pack followed suit. There was no change in the super high style stakes, aside from the addition of some umbrellas. We have some fabulous streetstyle shots to follow over the next few days, but wanted to start by setting the scene for this London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week at Somerset House

We saw some great new collections from familiar names at the Somerset House exhibition, but we also discovered some new names that we’d like to share with you too.

A scarf installation featuring the work of Topshop sponsored NEWGEN deisgners.

Lets start with the Topshop sponsored NEWGEN group of designers, and we caught up with Henry and Felicity Brown. The new Felicity Brown collection is a continued development of her amazingly complex mille-feuille detailing layered onto dream dresses, incorporating more structured, corset style detailing. The addition of more graphic print and pattern adds a really exciting edge to this collection, which also incorporates Felicity’s great T-shirt range. We’re hoping to have some more shots of the new collection to share with you soon, and if you’d like to know more about the inspiration behind this collection, then have a look at this interview we did with Felicity while she was developing her ideas for the AW ’11 range.

Felicity Brown's AW'11 collection at London Fashion Week

We also met Yang Du for the first time, even though we have admired her collection for several seasons already and have also featured her work a couple of times on the blog (she’s currently being featured in the Selfridges ‘Bright Young Things’ windows). The AW’11 collection is titled ‘3times Lucky’ and features Yang’s signature hyper coloured graphic interpretations of animal motifs. We particularly love the elephant hat and the piglet scarf, with the pigs sporting cute crochet bra tops…

The designer, Yang Du, at London Fashion Week

Yang Du at London Fashion Week

Moving on from the NEWGEN area into the rest of the exhibition we spotted Shao Yen, who is also one of Selfridges ‘Bright Young Things’ and a designer that we have previously seen at On/Off. This is his second collection and a continued development of his stunningly textural and almost graphic or sculptural handwriting. The theme for the AW’11 collection is ‘Goddess’ and Shao Yen delivers a very new take on this time honoured theme.

Shao Yen at London Fashion Week

A brand new discovery for us was Teatum Jones. This relatively new label is the brain child of Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones. They very kindly took the time to explain to me the ethos behind their brand, and the inspiration behind this particular collection. They have approached developing their brand in a very restrained and refined way, focusing on a narrow portfolio of textiles translated into a focused selection of silhouettes- but the way that they have combined those textiles, shapes- and most critically, the element of print, creates what feels like a comprehensive and compelling offer. Their inspiration is really fascinating too, with not a small touch of the macabre. We are hoping to interview them soon, so more details to follow…

Teatum Jones with their "Eva Moore Shirt Dress" in the Endurance print, at London Fashion Week

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