“Blink” Music: We Were Evergreen, ‘Baby Blue’

We spent the weekend in the sun filled grounds of Lulworth Castle, with thousands of other people, all joining in the crazy fun that is Camp Bestival. On Sunday morning, as we (rather slowly) prepared ourselves for another day of festival craziness, we were tempted to the main stage by this band. What better way to forget that festi hangover than to get your wiggle on with a wonderful up beat new music discovery?

We Were Evergreen are a Parisian alternative indie-electro-pop trio formed in 2008. Their shape-shifting pop songs blend folk melodies, electro beats and exotic rhythms. I had to swipe all of that from their website, because my brain has still not quite re-engaged from the weekend’s festivities. Thanks Camp Bestival for an awesome time, and thanks for bringing these guys to our attention. We hope that you all enjoy them on a Monday workday as much as we did in a field on a sunny Sunday. Oh, and if you are into them, they are playing at various other festivals through the season, and will be at Jazz Cafe later on October 9th. Maybe we’ll see you there?

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Blink Events: Little Noise Sessions

We had an amazing evening at the Union Chapel. What a stunner of a venue! The occasion was the Little Noise Sessions. This was the 5th year for the week long acoustic festival in aid of Mencap.

The Union Chapel, Islington

The event was expertly hosted by the very glamorous Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley, and we had picked the night when Hurts were playing. We fell in love with them at Camp Bestival– what style, panache and those lyrics! Delicious.

Even though one half of the duo, Adam, had to bow out due to injury, Theo still enchanted us. I have to say that their theatrical streak maybe took a little step to far with the addition of a petulant looking lady seated on stage plucking petals from a few dozen white roses throughout the set, but the charming Theo managed to compensate with his sweet repartee and soaring singing voice.

Hurts play the Little Noise Sessions at the Union Chapel


We had only expected to be treated to night with Hurts and were delighted when we found out that they were to be joined on the bill by a few other acts, for us the most notable of which was the stunning Clare Maguire.

In a few short steps, even before we heard a single note, we had fallen for Clare. Her outfit was stunning. She seemed a wonderful Gothic heroine but also thoroughly modern at the same time. Perhaps a brooding, more introverted version of Florence? Our images don’t really do her justice, but the black lace, peignoir style maxi dress was lined in peachy nude and slashed from hemline to waist and neckline to naval, held in place by a dayglo orange belt. Enough of her look and on to the music- which was spine-tinglingly atmospheric and even more dramatic in the Chapel setting. A new favourite for ‘Blink” and a style icon in the making we think!

Clare Maguire plays the Little Noise Sessions at the Union Chapel

Clare Maguire at the Union Chapel


In this video I think she’s wearing the same frock… Beautiful.

Friday Fun- Wardrobe Share?

At Camp Bestival, the only place to end the night  was Singstar’s Cocktails and Dreams tent, expertly and hilariously hosted by the amazing Cuban Brothers in various guises. Whilst sipping on some delicious cocktails and having a good wiggle along to the stellar soundtrack, I was transported back to a Bestival memory from last year.

Miguel Mantovani (the comedy genius, Mike Keat) was shaking the good stuff in this figure hugging harlequin number. It took me back to Paloma Faith at Bestival, sporting a very similar look. Miguel, have you been riffling through Paloma’s drawers?

If you love great music, super skilled breakdancing and humour of a grown up nature, you should really make plans to catch the Cubans. Check out their website for event details, or see them at their residency in Soho’s Floridita. Prepare to laugh until you cry/ pee/ faint…

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Paloma vs Miguel. Who wears it better?

Events- Camp Bestival, Part 2: Style

So, following yesterday’s ‘scene setting’ Camp Bestival post we now have some style insight for you.

In between the fairytale themed fancy dressing up, we managed to spot some great looks at Camp Bestival. It was a mixture of festival standards- great denim shorts, pretty pattern and we were particularly impressed with the boys who pushed the boat out too (mostly embracing their inner rock star or ladylike side!). Its an excuse to cut loose and go for bright colour, eclectic layers, theatrical make up and something a little more extreme than your everyday. If only your Monday to Friday wardrobe looked like this, wouldn’t the office be a far more inspirational and exciting place to be?

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Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival

Events: Camp Bestival, 2010!

Our home this weekend was a little tent in a field in the lovely surroundings of Lulworth Castle in Dorset. It wasn’t the peaceful, bucolic setting that this may first seem as about 30,000 others were in tents, tepees, yurts and camper-vans around us. This was the annual expedition to Camp Bestival.

This is truly a festival of joy. Its family friendly vibe means that all attendees- young, even younger, parents, teens, festival old timers, cool cats- all enjoyed the loved up, happy and relaxed feeling. The musical agenda catered to everyone too with an eclectic collection of cutting edge, 80’s revival and even a few hugely popular appearances from Mr Tumble for the festival newbies…

Our highlights included the brilliant Hurts, who were ‘suited and booted’ for the occasion. Ellie Goulding gave a performance which was powerful and enchanting. Madness headlined on Saturday night and the cider fueled crowd loved every second of it. Human League and Bucks Fizz are competing for top spot of unexpected yet brilliant ‘blast from the past’. Friendly Fires wrapped up on Sunday night, followed by one of the most incredible fireworks displays that we have seen for some time.

We have some great style spots to come tomorrow, and even a little Camp Bestival ‘Friday Fun’ to look forward to!

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Lulworth Castle at Camp Bestival

Hurts at Camp Bestival

Bucks Fizz in 'Cocktails and Dreams' Singstar tent

Bucks Fizz- looking mighty fine!

some festival Madness

more festival Madness

and the final variation on festival Madness!

Camp Bestival- the finale

Blink Interviews: Tallulah and Hope

Tallulah & Hope is a niche clothing brand selling luxury kaftans, ponchos and accessories exclusively on line. The brand has just launched so “Blink” thought we’d get in there first and interview the creative duo behind this exciting new label.

Lisa Ispani and Zoe Holborough met 9 years ago. At that time Lisa was a PR, and Zoe was a stylist. They became instant friends; but continued to work independently on various projects.

Lisa worked for years with Versace and other luxe clients. She organized fashion shows in Milan and Paris amongst other insanely fancy events, and also helped launch new designers and brands.  In 2006, she went freelance. Amongst other projects worked with her husband’s award-winning restaurant group Canteen and launched his visionary design studio Very Good & Proper.

Zoe, meanwhile, worked with Brit designer Russell Sage, Parisian hipster and super-stylist Camille Bidault-Waddington, and as personal stylist to the entire Osbourne family. Three years ago, she launched ‘Lady Sew and Sew’, a local sewing class which rode the vanguard of the hip ‘make do and mend’ movement.  Zoe has held sessions at art previews and private events, and she had her own ‘Lady Sew and Sew’ tent at Camp Bestival.

In 2008, while holidaying together, Lisa and Zoe began discussing dream holiday wardrobes- and envisaging the perfect kaftan. It would be so well cut that it would fall perfectly on whoever wore it. It could be worn in a multitude of ever more stylish ways. It would be the one piece you ever need to take away with you; the one thing that could be relied upon to make you look amazing without investing any effort at all. This was the dream that led to the creation of Tallulah & Hope. It took two years to perfect an this year, they made their fabulous kaftan collection a reality. Lisa and Zoe are particularly devoted to their print designs, which are entirely exclusive, and very limited edition. Each print will run until it sells out– after that, it’ll be gone. Well, that’s a ‘call to action’ if ever we heard one!

Do you think that wear-ability is more important than creativity?
Ideally you need them both!  The most successful design is about having both beauty and function.   Tallulah & Hope is all about beautiful garments that are also really useful and wearable. At every stage in the design process we have been led not only by aesthetics but by the ease of wear and practicality.

Which comes first for you, personal style or trends?
Personal style every time, as you move into your 30’s you develop your own understanding of what works best for you. High fashion trends are always interesting to watch but ultimately its about your individual style.
We love this quote from Lauren Hutton “Fashion is the zillion things you are offered each season; style is what you choose”

What is currently tempting you into making a purchase?
Chanel brown leather clogs for SS2010, Stella McCartney’s linen piquet trousers and a pair of 1978 ‘Bang On’ Vintage sunglasses from Oliver Goldsmith.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Doing what we love, making beautiful garments, being our own bosses and hopefully building a successful business and brand.

Can you share with us your most fabulous fashion moment?
Lisa- For me it was when I working as fashion PR. I was collecting Sharon Stone from the airport in Milan, as she was a guest at one of the shows. I was waiting for her to come through the arrival gate.  Like a vision from a movie she come striding through wearing a full length fur coat with sunglasses on, hands in pockets and a trolley piled high with 20 Louis Vuitton cases followed behind her.
Zoe- when I was working with Sharon Osbourne when she was judge on the X Factor, I would regularly drive around central London with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of precious jewelry from Bond Street. On one occasion, as I didn’t want to leave the jewelry in the car,  so I wore nearly million pounds of jewelry to get my legs waxed!

What season are you currently working on and how is it shaping up?
Our focus is on introducing new and exclusive prints every few months. Our launch collection features two signature prints ‘Sandgrouse’ and ‘Starlings’ in two different colourways. We are now finalizing our new print stories and colourways which we will release later in 2010.

Any final words of advise?
If it feels good, it is good.

Thanks so much to Zoe and Lisa, not only for this interview but for putting so much temptation our way! Now all we need to do is book the holiday worthy of such a stunning wardrobe… We wish Tallulah and Hope the amazing success that it most definitely deserves.

Tallulah and Hope

Tallulah and Hope

Tallulah and Hope

Details- she wore flowers in her hair

As Summer seems to be creeping into the past, we thought we’d grab at the last few moments of sunshine and post a summery accessories story. The statement corsage was very big news last year, and still looks really relevant, especially when worn in the hair, as these are. We do love how this simple but effective floral option adds instant vintage, feminine charm to any look in a really coy way, and also solves festival hair with finesse.

It builds on the recent desire for hair ornamentation, from the resurgence of interest in the humble head scarf through to retro net veils and saucy fascinators.

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Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival, detail shot

Camp Bestival, detail shot

Vintage Textiles Fair, Hammersmith

Latitude festival, detail shot

Latitude festival, detail shot

Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival