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“Blink” Inspiration: Renzo Rosso and the Blank Sheet Project

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

We were sent a press release for The Blank Sheet Project. Often, I skip over these things as we try to deliver you unique content, but something drew me in. As a creative, I often have that ‘blank sheet of paper’ moment, so I was intrigued by this particular project which explores how globally known creative names approach that moment. Some very clever marketing by the paper company behind this project, Arjowiggins. The goal of The Blank Sheet Project is to encourage individuals and businesses to be more innovative, thoughtful and sustainable. It asks creatives, if given a blank sheet of paper ‘how will you leave your mark?’

This interview is with Diesel founder and chairman, Renzo Rosso. I love Rosso’s approach, and that his mantra is ‘be stupid’. He explains ‘When you did things before others, they think you are stupid … smart people think how things are today but stupid people are those who think how things could be.’

Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel

Here’s a link to the interview. Sorry that I couldn’t embed it but that was beyond my technical abilities! For more inspirational posts, click here. For more interviews with brilliant creatives, click here.

Knit: Donegal Divas

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

We have been researching for this month’s reports and the one category that stands out head and shoulders above the others is knitwear. Designers seem to be channeling all of their creativity into this category, much as they did last Autumn. I’m sorry jersey, but you’re just not cutting the mustard. Its all about chunky, cabled variations on traditional looks created in yarns that are hairy, neppy, tweedy and textural.

Classic Aran knits in creamy colours are all delicious, but we prefer these more coloured variations on the trad theme. Click here for more knitwear coverage. Needles at the ready!


Les Petites